"Internal Entertainment Renaissance" is coming?

  The 40-year-old "sweet leader" Wang Xinling has become popular in an all-round way.

The stock of Mango Supermedia was dubbed "Wang Xinling concept stock" by her middle-aged male fans, and they bought in support one after another, rebounding by nearly 10% on the 24th.

Wang Xinling's second-hand autographed CD with Xianyu even sells for over 1,000 yuan.

  The classic singers Luo Dayou, Stefanie Sun, and Tank have also recently announced the news of "opening" one after another.

  The sweetheart leader has become popular in an all-round way

  With the song "Love You" at the beginning of the third season of "Riding the Wind and Waves", "Sweetheart Leader" Wang Xinling swiped the Internet.

Since the broadcast of the program, related topics have appeared on Weibo hot search every day.

According to the new Douyin platform, her Douyin account quickly gained more than 1.37 million followers after the show was broadcast.

  Wang Xinling's classic songs have also gained a lot of attention on major music websites.

As of press time, 4 of the top ten songs on QQ Music's soaring list are from Wang Xinling, and the top eleven on the pop index list are all her works.

  In Netease Cloud Music, her name is also in the hot search column. Wang Xinling's official account entered the platform on May 23 and gained 455,000 fans in 3 days.

  Second-hand autographed CD sold for more than 1,000 yuan

  In various social platforms, a large number of "Wang Xinling boys" have also appeared.

These old boys, who already have a certain economic strength, invested their purchasing power in the stocks of Mango Supermedia.

Since May 23, Mango Supermedia has achieved three consecutive days of popularity, rising nearly 10% on the 24th.

As of the close on the 26th, the stock price of Mango Supermedia rose 1.54% to 38.29 yuan.

  Mr. Zhao, a fan, said, "I couldn't spend money on a goddess album when I was a student, and buying some stocks now can be regarded as a supplement for youth memories."

  In addition, Wang Xinling also brought fire to the transaction of second-hand goods related to it, especially "old objects" such as tapes and CDs.

  According to data from a second-hand trading platform, as of May 26, the search popularity on the "Wang Xinling" platform has increased by about 24 times compared with that before the broadcast of "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves 3" on May 20.

In the past week, the number of Wang Xinling's tapes, CDs, autographed photos and other peripherals that have been listed on the second-hand trading platform has also increased by nearly 6 times compared with before the show's broadcast.

  Some media reporters searched with the keyword "Wang Xinling". There are a large number of Wang Xinling tapes, CDs and other peripheral products on sale, some are second-hand, and some are brand new. The price ranges from 28 yuan to 300 yuan. Some signed CDs Even more than a thousand dollars.

  Nostalgic singers return one after another

  On May 26, "Renaissance of Inner Entertainment" appeared on Weibo's hot search.

In addition to the third season of "Riding the Wind and Waves", there are also many singers trying to get on the express train of "Memories Killing".

  On May 25, singer Tank posted a long post on his personal Weibo announcing his comeback with a new song "Stubborn Tree".

According to public information, Tank has been threatened by hereditary heart disease for many years, and was diagnosed with severe arrhythmia. At the end of 2007, Tank suffered a heart attack during the album promotion period and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. After that, he gradually retired from the stage.

As soon as the news came out, his classic works "Three Kingdoms Love" and "Millennium Tears" appeared on the QQ Music Soaring List.

  Luo Dayou also previously announced that he will hold a personal online concert on WeChat on May 27, and will sing classic songs such as "Childhood", "Dream", "Proverbs of Love", "Love Song 1990" and "Story of Time".

  Stefanie Sun will also hold an online "singing and chatting session" through Douyin. As soon as the news came out, the entry "Can Sister Lang 4 invite Stefanie Sun" appeared on Weibo's hot search.

  Fan Wang Xin told the Beijing Business Daily reporter, "I look forward to the idols once again shining in the entertainment industry, not only for their feelings, but also for the classic works they created."

  How to stay hot

  "Riding the Wind and Waves" has entered its third season. The core of the program has always focused on artists who have entered a mature age, pay attention to their career development, and provide new development opportunities.

Before the birth of this program, "Mango Channel" also launched the "Singer" series, which also focused on the group of artists who have passed the year.

Singers such as Lin Zhixuan and Huang Qishan have demonstrated their excellent musical strength through the program, and have been promoted from niche singers little known to the audience to popular music platforms.

  "Whether it is the success of variety shows or the return of nostalgic singers, it is inseparable from the precise concern of the social circle." Music critic Zhou Lin said that the program team created an atmosphere for middle-aged men to recall their youth, Wang Xinling Her songs have the characteristics of simple, lively and lively melody, which is easy to spread. In addition, she has excellent qualifications in the industry. The combination of three factors promotes the inclination of popularity.

  Zhou Lin pointed out that blacksmithing needs to be hard on its own. In addition to feelings, it is necessary to launch new high-quality works in a timely manner when the traffic returns to retain the popularity.

  Source丨Beijing Business Daily (reporter Lu Yang, intern reporter Han Xinyuan), Sino-Singapore Jingwei