Zhongxin Finance, May 27. According to the official website of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, on May 26, Huang Runqiu, Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, presided over the first meeting of the leading group of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment to promote the major projects of the "14th Five-Year Plan" to arrange the deployment. The key task in 2022 is to accelerate the implementation of major projects in the field of ecological environment.

  The meeting pointed out that the 102 major projects identified in the "14th Five-Year Plan" have overall, strategic and fundamental significance.

Promoting the implementation of 102 major projects is not only an important guarantee for the full implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the realization of various goals and tasks as scheduled, but also a major measure to actively expand effective investment and ensure the smooth operation of the economy.

Among them, the five major projects led by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment cover the fields of air, water, soil, solid waste pollution prevention and control, and nuclear and radiation safety. The mission plays an important supporting role.

  The meeting emphasized that before stabilizing the overall economic situation, it is necessary to promote the implementation of major projects with a stronger sense of urgency and high quality.

Regarding the major projects led by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, it is necessary to accurately grasp the nature, characteristics and key contents, and make precise efforts.

For projects that are in the preliminary planning stage, in-depth and detailed plan comparison and feasibility study should be carried out, actively coordinate the implementation of funding guarantees, and speed up the preliminary work of the project.

For projects that have been decomposed and implemented into specific construction projects, it is necessary to clarify the project preparation time, start time and construction period, reverse the time nodes, advance in an orderly manner, and make regular scheduling.

Regarding major projects supported by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, it is necessary to strengthen the guarantee of EIA services, and incorporate relevant projects into the “three ledger” management of EIA approval services; actively guide project construction units to do in-depth and meticulous preliminary research, optimize project design and ecological environment Protection measures; adhere to the principle of ecological priority and green development, optimize the EIA approval process, improve the approval efficiency, and promote the construction of the project as soon as possible.

  The meeting pointed out that effective organizational leadership and a sound working mechanism are important guarantees for promoting the implementation of major projects.

It is necessary to give full play to the organization and promotion role of the leading group, study major issues in a timely manner, and deploy key tasks.

The leading group office should strengthen overall planning and coordination, fully grasp the progress of the implementation of various projects, promptly discover and coordinate to solve the difficulties and problems in the progress, and do a good job in communication with the inter-ministerial joint meeting office.

The leading departments and bureaus of major projects should speed up the formation of working groups, clarify project implementation plans, strengthen communication and docking with relevant departments, do a good job in guiding and dispatching local governments, further form work synergies, and promote the implementation of high-quality projects.