Zhongxin Finance, May 26. The website of the Shenzhen Municipal Government published on the 26th "Several Measures of Shenzhen City to Promote the Continued Recovery of Consumption".

Among them, it is clear that encourage automobile consumption, expand the scale of the consumer electronics market, promote the consumption of household appliances, do a good job in normalizing epidemic prevention and control, expand the market scale of Xinchuang products, promote the consumption of outdoor cultural tourism and sports, expand the consumption of bulk commodities, and restore the profession in a safe and orderly manner. Exhibition, increase the "invoice with prize" activities.

  In terms of encouraging automobile consumption, the "Measures" clearly support individual consumers to purchase new energy vehicles.

Specifically, individual consumers who newly purchase eligible new energy vehicles and are licensed in Shenzhen will be given a subsidy of up to 10,000 yuan per unit.

Fully implement the national policy of exempting vehicle purchase tax for new energy vehicles.

  In terms of expanding the size of the consumer electronics market, the "Measures" proposes to carry out consumer electronics product promotions.

Specifically, in combination with themes such as the opening season, summer promotion season, and traditional festivals, special promotions for consumer electronics will be organized in rotation from May to August, and consumers will be able to purchase eligible mobile phones, computers (including tablet computers), earphones. , audio, whole-house smart home appliances, smart wearable devices, consumer drones, smart home robots, smart fitness equipment and other products will be subsidized at 15% of the sales price, up to a maximum of 2,000 yuan per person.

  In terms of promoting the consumption of household appliances, the "Measures" also proposed to carry out the promotion of green and energy-saving household appliances.

Specifically, organize home appliance production and sales enterprises to launch activities to benefit the people and give profits. During the period from May to August, consumers will purchase eligible TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, small household appliances and other household appliances according to the sales. 15% of the price will be subsidized, up to a maximum of 2,000 yuan per person.

  In addition, Shenzhen has added 10 million yuan of "invoices with prizes" funds, focusing on retail, catering, cultural tourism, accommodation, sports and other fields, to carry out "invoices with prizes" activities in the city based on the invoice amount. The activity period will be from May 1. date to the end of the year.

  It is reported that this policy will be implemented from the date of issuance and will be valid until December 31, 2022.