China News Service, May 26th. In response to the multi-point spread of the epidemic, some import and export enterprises have responded to the problem of blockages in the supply chain. Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce held on the 26th. , the problem of poor logistics across the country is gradually improving, and the Ministry of Commerce will continue to actively carry out work in four areas in the next step.

  The first is to clear the blocking points to ensure the smooth domestic transportation of foreign trade goods.

Guide all localities to establish a service guarantee system for key foreign trade enterprises, solve the difficulties of foreign trade enterprises in a timely manner, and help foreign trade enterprises affected by the epidemic to resume work and reach production as soon as possible.

Make every effort to ensure the smooth logistics and transportation of foreign trade goods and freight, and foreign trade enterprises can apply for vehicle passes for key material transportation in accordance with regulations.

  The second is cohesion, which will continue to ease the pressure on international logistics.

In terms of shipping, it will continue to promote the expansion of the business scale of direct passenger connection of international liner companies, meet the needs of small, medium and micro foreign trade enterprises as much as possible, and guide local governments to help enterprises lift and leave containers in a timely manner, so as to improve the efficiency of cargo transfer.

In terms of railways, strengthen communication and coordination with countries along international freight trains, and simultaneously improve the efficiency of customs clearance and operation at railway ports.

In terms of aviation, make good use of air cargo capacity to ensure the transportation of important parts, equipment and products.

  The third is to strengthen service and solve practical problems of enterprises in a timely manner.

Continue to guide all localities to take the initiative to provide services, sort out and promote the resolution of common problems affecting foreign trade enterprises’ resumption of production and supply chain stability in a timely manner. Very precise service.

  The fourth is to optimize the environment and expand the development space of the foreign trade industry.

Make good use of foreign trade demonstration and pilot platforms such as foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases, cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones, import trade promotion innovation demonstration zones, and border-civilian mutual market trade landing processing pilot platforms, investment promotion platforms such as national economic development zones, and free trade pilot zones, High-level open platforms such as free trade ports will continue to optimize the business environment, continuously improve the level of trade liberalization and facilitation, increase the attractiveness of global resource factors, and expand the space for foreign trade industries.