As a result of strengthening online sales while the influence of the new Corona continues, the annual financial results of the four major life insurance companies last year are the same as the annual premiums obtained from newly acquired contracts. It exceeded the year of.

According to the financial results of the four major life insurance companies last year, the annual premiums obtained from new contracts acquired in the domestic business

are 28.4% for Nippon Life and 28.4% for

Daiichi Life Holdings , compared to the previous year. Increased

by 36.7%,

▽ Meiji Yasuda Life increased by 10.4%, and

▽ Sumitomo Life

increased by 8.1%.

This is because the spread of the new Corona infection has reduced opportunities to meet customers face-to-face, strengthened online sales, and increased sales of foreign currency insurance against the backdrop of rising interest rates in the United States. Insurance premiums based on contracts are returning to levels close to those before the spread of the infection.

At a press conference, Nippon Life's managing director Kazuo Sato said, "In terms of sales, the decline in the acquisition of new contracts has stopped, but in terms of investment, the difficult investment environment continues against the backdrop of low domestic interest rates, and the market is also open. I cannot be optimistic because of the strong uncertainty, and I would like to respond carefully. "