The government has decided to resume the entry of foreign tourists, which had been suspended due to the border measures of the new Corona, from the 10th of next month.

In order to thoroughly control infections in 98 countries and regions, we will first limit ourselves to tour guides.

Prime Minister Kishida gave a lecture in Tokyo on the night of the 26th and expressed his intention to resume accepting foreign tourists from the 10th of next month.

Regarding the border measures for the new coronavirus, the government has decided to raise the upper limit of the number of immigrants per day from the current 10,000 to 20,000 from the 1st of next month, and this is also the limit for entry for tourism purposes. Included in.

The target of entry is 98 countries and regions such as the United States, South Korea, and China, which are considered to have the lowest risk in the classification by the positive rate of the new corona.

Furthermore, in order to prevent the spread of infection, we will limit it to tour guides with tour conductors for the time being.

Resuming acceptance of foreign tourists is expected to lead to a recovery in the tourism industry and the local economy, which was hit hard by the new Corona, but it will take time to return to Corona, which had exceeded 30 million annually. It is also pointed out that.

In the future, the issue will be whether or not we can expand the immigration limit while thoroughly implementing infection control measures.

President All Nippon Airways Inoue "Mitigation and abolition longing for further progress"

Regarding the resumption of foreign tourists' entry into Japan from the 10th of next month, Shinichi Inoue, president of ANA, a major airline company, said, "The resumption is good news. Demand for visiting Japan is increasing due to the depreciation of the yen. Therefore, I hope that the mitigation and abolition of border measures will be further promoted to the same level as the G7 countries with a sense of speed. "

Immigration from 98 countries / regions Exemption from inspections without vaccination

Before the border measures for the new coronavirus are eased from the 1st of next month, the country has released a list of countries and regions that are exempt from immigration inspections and waiting measures.

If you enter from 98 countries and regions such as the United States and South Korea, you will be exempt from testing even if you have not been vaccinated.

From the 1st of next month, the maximum number of immigrants per day will be raised to 20,000, and border measures will be relaxed depending on the local infection situation.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 98 countries and regions, such as the United States, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, which are judged to have low risk, are exempt from inspections at the time of entry and waiting measures at home even if they are not vaccinated. increase.

It is equivalent to about 80% of immigrants.

However, if fever is confirmed by thermographic temperature measurement at the time of entry, you may be asked to perform an inspection or wait at the accommodation facility.

▼ In addition, 99 countries and regions such as India and Vietnam are exempt from testing and waiting measures if they have been vaccinated three times.

If you have not inoculated 3 times, it is a policy to ask you to wait at home for at least 3 days after conducting an examination.

▼ Pakistan, Fiji, Albania, Sierra Leone will continue to be inspected as before, ▽ if you have received 3 doses at home, ▽ if you have not received it, the shortest accommodation facility designated by the country But he says he wants to wait for 3 days.

Regarding the method of risk assessment, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "comprehensively judged the infection status in each country and region and whether the pre-departure inspection is functioning. In the future, the assessment may be changed depending on the situation. ".