Zhongxin Finance, May 25. The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) released on its website on the 25th the "Notice on Matters Concerning Central State-owned Enterprises Helping Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Relieve Difficulties and Promote Coordinated Development".

The circular specifies 27 policies and measures to promote central enterprises to take effective and effective measures to help small and medium-sized enterprises solve difficulties and promote coordinated development.

  The measures are divided into seven aspects, of which the part on "effectively accelerating rent reduction and exemption to help support small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households in the service industry to tide over the difficulties" is clear, and earnestly implement the "On Doing a Good Job in the 2022 Small and Micro Enterprises and Individuals in the Service Industry". The Notice on Rent Reduction and Exemption for Industrial and Commercial Households” (State-owned Assets Office Caiping [2022] No. 29, hereinafter referred to as Document No. 29) requires that “exemptions should be exempted as much as possible, and exemptions should be exempted quickly”, and the implementation of the rent reduction and exemption policy should be accelerated.

  Specifically: For small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households in the service industry that lease the houses of central enterprises, the rent should be generally reduced or exempted for 3 months in 2022, and the main body of reduction and exemption should be completed in the first half of the year.

If the lease term in 2022 belongs to different lessees, it will be reduced or exempted proportionally according to the actual lease term of different lessees.

  For small and micro service enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households in the county-level administrative area where the areas listed as medium and high-risk areas of the epidemic are located in 2022, the small and micro enterprises in the service industry and individual industrial and commercial households that rent the houses of central enterprises will receive an additional three-month rent reduction. Completed within 2 months after the emergence of medium and high risk areas of the epidemic.

  For sublease and sublease of central enterprise buildings, we must continue to increase efforts to ensure that the rent reduction policy is effectively transmitted to the actual tenants.

For subsidiaries with diversified equity ownership, it is necessary to actively communicate and coordinate, strive for the understanding and support of small and medium shareholders, and reduce or exempt rent as soon as possible after standardizing the implementation of internal decision-making procedures.

  Where the government of the place where the rental house is located has issued a rent reduction or exemption policy that is stronger than the requirements of Document No. 29, the territorial policy must be carefully implemented to ensure that the policy is not discounted.

For the houses owned by the participating companies, it is necessary to actively assume the responsibility of shareholders and negotiate with other shareholders for support.

For small and medium-sized enterprises that are not eligible for reduction or exemption as stipulated in Document No. 29, if they apply for rent reduction or exemption, central enterprises are encouraged to provide necessary assistance within the scope of their abilities based on the principles of mutual benefit, friendly negotiation, standardized decision-making, and common difficulties.