Zhongxin Finance, May 25th. The official WeChat account of the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Statement on the failure to carry out activities related to "Inclusive Nursing and Nursing Propagandists" (hereinafter referred to as the "Statement") on the 25th.

Image from: Official WeChat of the National Development and Reform Commission

  According to the "Statement", it has received reports from relevant departments and the public recently that some illegal organizations have fraudulently used the official seal of our commission, and released the "Jointly Build "Education" to see the future - the implementation of the special action to support social forces to develop inclusive childcare services. Plan", and pretended to be a public official, organized and carried out promotion activities related to "Inclusive Nursery Propagandists", used WeChat groups and other methods to solicit business, collect fees, and promised to receive subsidies on a regular basis.

  In this regard, the "Statement" stated that the National Development and Reform Commission has not issued the "Jointly Build "Education" and See the Future - Implementation Plan for the Special Action to Support Social Forces in the Development of Inclusive Nursery Services; Promotion work, nor authorize or entrust any unit or individual to organize related activities.

  The National Development and Reform Commission emphasized that all localities and the general public should be vigilant and beware of being deceived.

If losses have been caused, please report the case clues to the local public security department in a timely manner.