On the 25th, Mitsubishi Electric, which has discovered a series of product inspection frauds, revealed that there were more than 100 new frauds.

Since about 20% of the internal investigation still remains, there is a possibility that more fraud will be found, and it is expected that it will take some time to clarify the whole picture.

Last year, at Mitsubishi Electric, a product inspection fraud was revealed at a base in Nagasaki Prefecture, and a committee investigation was conducted by a lawyer, but on the 25th, 15 new bases such as Hyogo Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture 101 frauds have been revealed.

Fraud was discovered in 70% of the 22 bases in Japan, and in some cases it had been going on for 50 years.

At the press conference, President Kei Urushima apologized, "I would like to fully cooperate with the investigation activities and make every effort to clarify the whole picture of inappropriate acts."

According to the Investigation Committee, of the 2303 cases that require investigation based on reports from employees, 370 cases, which is about 20%, have not yet completed the investigation.

The committee plans to continue its investigation with the aim of ending it around autumn, but it is expected that it will take some time to clarify the whole picture because further fraud may be found.

In the domestic manufacturing industry, inspection fraud was revealed at a subsidiary of Japan Steel Works, a machine maker, this month, Hino Motors' data such as emissions, and automobile parts maker Hitachi Astemo were inspected, and each fraud was discovered. The credibility of Japanese manufacturing, which has made high quality competitive, may be lost.