One could almost be reminded of Chancellor Olaf Scholz's attempts to save the matter with a deliberately energetic speech on May 1 after many accusations of hesitation and procrastination.

In any case, it is striking that ECB President Christine Lagarde announced a tighter course in monetary policy much more clearly than before on Monday - and even went a step further the day after.

It is not yet known whether words will be followed by deeds.

And it can be objected that the new line comes too late and is too hesitant.

Nevertheless, it is true that inflation of 7.4 percent and an ECB deposit rate of minus 0.5 percent do not go together and that the central bank must act urgently.

Many Governing Council members spoke publicly

In the Governing Council of the ECB, support for a rapid interest rate hike had recently become broader.

The ECB President, on the other hand, had held back in public, and one almost had the impression that she was more driven than a driving force.

Now she is apparently trying to lead the movement and at the same time to fend off demands that go too far.

This strategy can also have snags: if the ECB Governing Council gets the impression that it is anticipating its decisions and leaving it no choice, the Council members are unlikely to like it.

So what is needed is diplomacy towards the college;

but also a bolder and more determined approach to combating inflation – in the interest of everyone in the euro area.