Zhongxin Finance, May 25 (Zuo Yuqing) The Shaxian snacks that are available all over the streets and alleys leave people with the impression that they are always delicious and affordable.

  However, recently, Shaxian snacks have become popular on social platforms with another style of painting: in the first official promotional video, Shaxian snacks such as noodles, dried duck, crystal shaomai, gold Baoyin, taro dumplings, and hot tofu are featured in funny, Different classic movie styles such as idol dramas, Wong Kar Wai and Stephen Chow are presented.

  While the official play terrier brings a huge sense of contrast, it also makes Shaxian snacks a hot topic again.

A snack brand born in distress

  The history of Shaxian snacks can be traced back to the 1990s.

In 1992, due to the "Biaohui" thunderstorm, many Shaxian people borrowed money to go out to make a living.

In an unfamiliar big city, some Shaxian people set up food stalls and sold their specialty Shaxian snacks.

  Shaxian snacks with local characteristics are convenient, fast, and economical.

Soon, the Shaxian people who opened the store not only paid off their debts, but even returned to their hometown to build a house.

After tasting the sweetness, more and more Shaxian snack bars have sprung up in the north and south of the river, and their menus have become more and more abundant.

Data map: Yubang Village, "The No. 1 Snack Village in Shaxian County".

Photo by Zhang Bin

  "One yuan to enter the store, two yuan to eat."

  The self-employed businesses scattered in the city are like sparks and prairie fires, starting the signboard of Shaxian snacks, but their growth and expansion is more thanks to the policy support of the Shaxian government.

In 1997, Shaxian Snack Office and Shaxian Snack Trade Association were established successively, dedicated to the training and promotion of Shaxian snack skills, industry management and new product development, and registered a number of Shaxian snack trademarks.

  Even so, Shaxian snacks that are blooming everywhere can't escape the trouble of "fake shops".

In 2008, the Shaxian Government registered Shaxian Snacks Group in the form of wholly state-owned investment, striving to develop towards standardization, chaining and industrialization.

  Shaxian Snacks has become a "state-owned enterprise", which seems to mean that Shaxian Snacks will take it to the next level.

However, the challenges faced by chain Zhongsha County snacks are also highlighted.

Still missing a "housekeeping dish"

  "For Shaxian Snacks, whether it is a product brand or a regional brand, this is where it is more contradictory at present." Jiang Zezhong, a professor at Capital University of Economics and Business and a researcher at the Private Enterprise Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that Shaxian Snack is currently trying its best to create It is a regional brand, but it is the product brand that can stand in the long run.

  "Lanzhou ramen, Tongguan roujiamo, and Hangzhou xiaolongbao have regional names, but the focus is on ramen, roujiamo and xiaolongbao, which belong to product brands. This is the characteristic that it can stand." Jiang Zezhong said , "Even KFC and McDonald's, their main products are built around the concept of 'chicken' and 'hamburger'."

  In contrast, although Shaxian snacks include many product groups, they lack the main "specialties" in marketing and promotion.

"Housekeeping dishes without special features will lead to insufficient structural support for brand connotation and weak cohesion. It is not enough to have only regional brands."

Data map: noodles (top) and flat meat (bottom) in Shaxian snacks.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Bin

  In addition, although self-employed people have promoted the establishment and expansion of Shaxian snack brands, in terms of brand integration, it is a hurdle that Shaxian snacks cannot overcome.

  In the opinion of experts, many individual owners belong to the so-called "fake shops", and because of their low cost and popularity, they are named Shaxian Snacks.

Therefore, they have neither the awareness nor the obligation to promote the brand, but also make localized changes to many products for the sake of business, which makes consumers more vague about the characteristic concept of Shaxian snacks.

  Zhongxin Finance noticed that in the comments on the Shaxian snack promotion video, some netizens expressed doubts: "Why do my Shaxian snacks here sell: steamed dumplings with willow leaves, fragrant noodles, small wontons, various soups, Soup rice, chicken leg rice, duck leg rice, big rib rice, pig hand rice..." In response, a local netizen in Shaxian responded: "Authentic Shaxian snacks do not sell rice."

  Another netizen explained: "Many snack ingredients are only mass-produced in Shaxian, such as the soy sauce required by Crystal Shaomai. The flat meat and noodles are relatively simple and fast to serve, but the rest of the snacks are very labor-intensive, so the basic Shaxian snacks from other places didn't do it."

Will Liuzhou snail noodles hit Shaxian snacks?

  The rise of Shaxian snacks once filled the gap in the domestic catering market at the end of the last century.

However, with the improvement of people's consumption level, a large number of well-known restaurant chain stores have emerged in the fast-developing catering industry, as well as new Internet celebrities such as Liuzhou snail noodles.

So, will the development prospects of Shaxian snacks be affected?

  "Shaxian snacks are more of an opportunity than a challenge." Jiang Zezhong told Zhongxin Finance that the advantages of Shaxian snacks lie in a wide range of categories, strong optionality, low prices and fast delivery. Its target groups are mainly focused on mobile working groups.

Data map: Shaxian Snack City Meeting Room - Xiamen Shaxian Snack Flagship Store "Shayang Huiguan" officially opened on Douxi Road, Siming District, Xiamen City.

Photo by Xu Yan

  "The audience of snail noodles is mainly young people, so the difference between consumer groups is relatively large." Jiang Zezhong believes that the emergence of new snacks is a manifestation of market prosperity and differentiated competition, and will promote the development of the business environment in symbiosis.

  As for the future development of Shaxian snacks, Jiang Zezhong told Zhongxin Finance that, as a promoter of Shaxian snack brands, the brand side also needs to grasp the relationship between the willingness to scale and the interests of the actual self-employed.

"At present, the model of Shaxian snacks is still relatively loose, and some individual owners are relatively weak in their willingness to join and brand awareness, which requires brands to explore slowly." (End)