See also "Li Gui" in the securities industry.

  On the evening of May 23, the news that Wu Chao, director of the China Securities Research Institute, was impersonated, attracted much attention.

In this regard, a relevant person from China Securities Investment Securities told a reporter from China Securities Journal that they had complained about rights protection.

  It is reported that "Li Gui" in the securities industry often haunts.

Regulatory agencies such as the Securities Association of China and securities and futures institutions are also continuing to hold various activities to continuously improve investors' ability to identify and prevent them, and promote healthy and rational investment concepts.

Institute director was impersonated

  According to screenshots from the Internet, someone added a WeChat friend in the name of "Wu Chaoze Job Number", and launched another WeChat QR code on the grounds that the job number is inconvenient to communicate.

  In this regard, a relevant person from CITIC Construction Investment responded to a reporter from China Securities Journal that they had filed complaints and rights protection against the fake personal account.

After the reporter tried to scan the QR code in the screenshot, it showed "Find failed".

  Wu Chao himself responded in the circle of friends, "A lot of friends have just received a WeChat account pretending to be my name, please be careful not to add it! It's a liar."

  According to public information, Wu Chao is the director of the China Securities Research Institute and the head of the international business department, the managing director, and the chief analyst of the TMT industry, focusing on research in technology fields such as 5G, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.

Securities industry "Li Gui" must be vigilant

  "Li Gui" in the securities industry often haunts.

  In March of this year, Guosen Securities issued a statement saying that it has recently discovered that there are criminals posing as Guosen Securities analysts, Golden Sun customer service, Golden Sun APP and other names to conduct illegal securities activities.

The main manifestations are: the criminals falsely called him "Zeng Guang, an analyst of Guosen Securities", and made stock recommendations and live broadcasts in the QQ group; the criminals called investors through private numbers, falsely called him "Golden Sun Customer Service", and invited investors to invest. Users can join the VIP group to enjoy free VIP services, and conduct illegal securities activities such as stock recommendation and live broadcast in the group.

Guosen Securities stated that it will take all necessary legal means to pursue its responsibilities.

  At the beginning of December last year, Guotai Junan issued a statement saying that some criminals impersonated Han Qicheng, an analyst of Guotai Junan Securities Research Institute, using high yields and high bonuses as bait, using QQ group and WeChat and other channels to forge "Guotai Junan fans/internal communication group" "Guotai Junan". Shanghai Official Studio", which runs trading training camps to recommend stocks, "star competitions" and "elite competitions", and prepares to issue fraudulent activities such as public welfare fund trust illegal products.

In this regard, Guotai Junan and Han Qicheng have reported to the relevant regulatory authorities and the public security organs.

  In response to all kinds of fake analysts, many brokerages suggested that if investors need related services, they can make inquiries or consultations through the company's customer service phone, online trading system, official APP, or go to the counter of the sales department to avoid being deceived.

Regulators continue to strengthen risk warnings

  In addition to securities institutions, industry regulators are also continuing to strengthen relevant risk warnings.

  According to the China Securities Regulatory Commission’s news on May 13, in order to warn the risks of illegal securities and futures activities and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, the China Securities Regulatory Commission launched the third National Prevention of Illegal Securities and Futures Publicity Month (hereinafter referred to as the “Illegal Anti-Illegal Publicity Month”) in early May. Activity.

The publicity focus of this anti-non-publicity month includes preventing illegal recommendation of stock fund futures, illegal private equity funds, over-the-counter capital allocation, stock market black mouths, illegal stock issuance, illegal wealth management on behalf of customers, and overseas institutions providing cross-border securities and futures fund trading services. , counterfeiting and counterfeiting securities and futures fund operating institutions, illegal fund-raising and other risks.

  According to the release of the Securities Association of China, on May 15, under the guidance of the Second Department of Market Supervision of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Securities Association of China, the "China Securities Association Investor Home" Internet Investment and Education Base and Xinhuanet jointly hosted the "May 15" Investor protection and prevention of illegal securities" publicity activities.

The China Securities Association said that in the next step, the association will actively implement the "Opinions on Strictly Combatting Securities Illegal Activities in accordance with the Law" and the relevant requirements of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, give full play to the leading role of the industry, and organize securities business institutions and local securities companies. Industry associations continue to carry out anti-non-african publicity special activities.

(Zhou Lulu)