Ionity, a fast charging specialist, has just opened its 100th station in France.

On this occasion, the company announced the adoption of new pricing from the start of the great summer transhumance.

In fact, per-minute pricing will be abandoned in favor of kWh pricing, which is much fairer for owners of mid-range electric cars.

Charging power

Indeed, all electric cars do not accept the same charging power.

For example, the MG 5 so we presented the test to you only goes up to 80 kW, against 270 kW for a Porsche Taycan for example.

This means that the first must spend more time at the terminal to recover the same amount of energy, and that the owner of an MG therefore pays more for his "full" than the driver of a Porsche.

But that was before.

From now on, both will pay for what they actually consume.

However, there is a price difference depending on the power of the terminal: €0.39/kWh on the few 50 kW terminals, and €0.69/kWh on the 350 kW terminals.

These rates are exclusive of subscription, knowing that an Ionity subscriber will pay his kWh even less.


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