Since the beginning of this year, A-shares have experienced continuous adjustments, and the sudden epidemic has doubled the pressure on many private equity firms.

Faced with the difficult situation, celebrity private equity firms are still stepping up their research, looking forward to seeing whether it will come soon.

  Chinese reporters from securities companies found that star private equity firms such as Danshuiquan Investment, Gaoyi Assets, Panjing Investments, Tongyuan Investments, and Yude Investments are the research models this year. Ninestar, Xinhecheng, Yongtai Technology, Ganfeng Lithium Industry , Hengdian East Magnetics and other A-share companies have recently received intensive attention.

  According to data from the three-party institutions, only 9 private equity firms of 10 billion yuan achieved positive returns this year, and Vena Investment stood out among them.

Although the short-term performance has retreated, private equity bigwigs have frequently spoken out recently, and they are not pessimistic about the medium and long-term prospects of the market.

 Celebrity private equity epidemic intensifies research

  Wind data shows that since the beginning of the year, Danshuiquan Investment, Gaoyi Assets, Panjing Investment, Tongyuan Investment, Yude Investment, Jingtai Lifeng, Xitai Investment, Shibei Investment, Dunhe Asset Management, and Jianshun Investment have conducted private research. Top ten on the list.

The number of surveys conducted by the above 10 private equity firms during the year all exceeded 200. Among them, Danshui Investment ranked first with 371 surveys, followed by Gao Yi Assets with 360 surveys.

  It is worth noting that since the end of March, the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai and other places has also affected the daily operations of related private equity companies, and they have adopted home office.

However, the research work of private equity listed companies has not stopped, and star private equity has accelerated the pace of research.

In the past two months, the number of well-known private equity investigations such as Danshuiquan Investment, Gaoyi Assets, Panjing Investments, Licheng Assets, and Xitai Investments has all exceeded 100. Second-rate.

  Judging from the recent research companies, Danshuiquan Investment, Yude Investment, and Jianshun Investment have all conducted research on the chip company Ninestar.

The vitamin leader Xinhecheng has attracted the attention of many well-known private equity companies such as Danshuiquan Investment, Gaoyi Assets, Panjing Investments, and Jinglin Assets.

In addition, Yongtai Technology, Ganfeng Lithium Industry, Hengdian East Magnetics and other companies have also received intensive attention from star private equity.

  Only 9 private equity firms with 10 billion yuan achieved positive returns during the year

  Private equity Pai Pai network data shows that due to the double impact of the epidemic and the external market, private equity performance has not been satisfactory since the beginning of this year.

As of the end of April 2022, the average return of 27,909 private equity funds this year was -8.05%.

In addition, from the perspective of the eight major private equity strategies, the average return of private equity funds with the largest number of stock strategies is -16.41%, slightly outperforming the CSI 300 Index.

The bond strategy also suffered a small loss, with an average return of -0.60%. Only the managed futures strategy achieved a positive return of 4.28%, and the rest of the strategies were all green.

  As of the end of April, the latest tens of billions of private placements were 109, a decline from the previous peak.

In terms of performance, the 90 tens of billions of private equity companies with the latest performance show have an average return of -12.60% this year, of which only 9 private equity companies have positive returns, accounting for 10%.

  The 9 private equity firms that achieved positive returns from January to April are Luoshu Investment, Jiuying Assets, Bridgewater (China) Investment, Zhanhong Investment, Qianxiang Assets, Mingyi Fund, Si Xie Investment, Hesheng Assets, Heisheng Investment Wing Assets focuses on managed futures strategy private placement, bond strategy private placement, and macro strategy private placement.

Shanghai's private equity is even stronger. Except for Jiuying Assets from Shenzhen and Mingyi Fund from Beijing, the rest of the private equity on the list is from Shanghai.

Not pessimistic about the medium and long term, private equity bosses frequently speak out

  Although the short-term performance has retreated, private equity bigwigs have frequently spoken out recently, and they are not pessimistic about the medium and long-term prospects of the market.

  Qiu Guolu, chairman of Gao Yi Assets, recently wrote to fund holders that he believes that the downward adjustment of the market has been relatively sufficient, and the ten-year low valuation level has reflected most of the pessimistic expectations.

In such an environment, one should be more optimistic about the capital market while remaining cautious, and be more active in exploring potential investment opportunities, instead of letting panic dominate sentiment.

  Qiu Guolu also emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen confidence in special moments.

At the current point in time, I still believe in the resilience of the Chinese economy and the Chinese nation, and remain relatively optimistic about the market prospects in the next 1-2 years.

  Lin Lijun, the founder of Zhengxin Valley, also said at the strategy meeting a few days ago that you must not be overly worried and pessimistic in times of difficulty.

Bear markets are for cherishing, not lamenting.

"The cyclical changes in the capital market are repeated. After 15 months of in-depth market adjustment, we can see that some companies that we have studied for a long time and represent the future development direction of China's economy have reached the scope of investment. We will also Actively look for high-quality enterprises with strong competitive advantages and outstanding entrepreneurs, and make medium and long-term investment layout." He said.

  Lin Lijun himself and Zhengxingu's investment and research team also decided to continue to invest an additional 30 million yuan to further maintain the same interests as customers, and are optimistic about the development of China's capital market in the long run.