"Signing on the Cloud" stimulates market vitality (Online China)

  "Cloud Exhibition", "Cloud Negotiation", "Cloud Signing"... In the past two years, China has accelerated the use of new methods such as online exhibitions and online investment promotion in many places and fields, which has provided convenience for promoting investment promotion and negotiating and signing major projects. It also provides a new starting point for economic and social development.

  build bridges online

  Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen pointed out that holding an online exhibition is an inevitable requirement under the general trend and background of the digital economy, and it is also a pragmatic choice to deal with the epidemic.

  The 131st China Import and Export Fair (referred to as "Canton Fair") recently ended online.

The Canton Fair, which has been held for more than 60 consecutive years, is regarded as the "barometer" and "wind vane" of foreign trade. This year is the fifth time it has held the "Cloud Canton Fair".

In order to improve the service quality, the Canton Fair has fully optimized and upgraded the official website platform.

Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, introduced that the official website has newly set up columns for exhibitors and exhibits, supply and purchase docking, new product release, exhibitor connection, virtual exhibition halls, etc., with the help of modern information technology. The time-space, borderless and efficient trade platform allows global merchants to "buy the world and sell the world" without leaving home.

  Statistics show that during the 10-day period, the Canton Fair official website accumulated 10.09 million visitors and 33.9 million visits.

25,500 exhibitors took the "Cloud Express" to display enterprises, products and brands in a multi-dimensional and three-dimensional manner through graphics, video, 3D, VR (virtual reality) and other forms.

The cumulative number of visits to the cloud exhibition hall of exhibitors was 6.2231 million times.

Exhibitors held a total of 85,300 online exhibitions, and uploaded 3,052,100 exhibits, including 951,500 new products, a record high.

  "Cloud Canton Fair" is an "online communication bridge" for Chinese and foreign exhibitors and buyers, and is widely praised by enterprises.

Gu Xiaoqing, head of the fashion cross-border e-commerce Xiyin Commodity Center, said: "Online exhibitions provide more possibilities for the company's new business development." Lin Hu, general manager of Guangzhou Light Industry Industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd. believes that online exhibitions are relatively more expensive. Low, 3D, VR and other technologies can also better display products.

According to reports, 7 companies of the group have set up more than a dozen live broadcast rooms and virtual exhibition halls in exhibition halls and factories, and arranged more than 200 live broadcasts. Through 3D products, short videos, live broadcast marketing, etc., they have increased the number of customers and improved their conversion capabilities. .

  Promote the implementation of the project

  In addition to large-scale exhibitions such as the Canton Fair, online investment promotion fairs held in various regions have also achieved positive results.

  Not long ago, the 2022 online investment promotion negotiation event in Jiutai District, Changchun City, Jilin Province was held to promote investment promotion by replacing "face-to-face" with "screen-to-screen". More than 30 corporate representatives Attended the event online.

At the meeting, Jiutai District signed a project cooperation framework agreement with representatives of 6 enterprises including China Huaneng Group Jilin Branch, Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd., and CRRC New Infrastructure Investment and Development Co., Ltd., with an estimated total investment of 88 billion.

Wang Hanlin, director of Jiutai Power Plant of Huaneng Jilin Power Generation Co., Ltd., said: "During this event, we successfully signed two cooperation agreements on key new energy projects with an estimated investment of 5 billion yuan. The potential investment will exceed 20 billion yuan."

  Hefei City, Anhui Province has also recently vigorously carried out "cloud signing" and "cloud negotiation" to ensure "continuous progress" in attracting investment.

For example, Heze Dijie Chemical Project settled in Lujiang Chemical Park in Hefei City in the form of "cloud signing".

The relevant person in charge of Lujiang Chemical Park introduced that after the park reached a preliminary cooperation intention with the enterprise, the two parties agreed to conduct follow-up communication in the form of online video and conference.

"Before the official signing, the two parties held four or five online meetings. Before each meeting, we will prepare the materials needed for the entire project to ensure smooth online communication."

  Since the beginning of this year, Hefei Lujiang County Investment Promotion Center has conducted more than 30 project video talks.

"We realize the smooth progress of investment promotion through project negotiation 'screen-to-screen', project demonstration 'line connection', and project signing 'no meeting'." The relevant person in charge of Lujiang County Investment Promotion Center said that this kind of The "cloud investment" model can minimize the impact of the epidemic on investment promotion, and can promote the implementation of new projects while realizing the signing of projects.

  Helping business enterprises to bail out

  Online exhibitions, "cloud docking" and other forms also provide new paths for helping commercial enterprises to solve difficulties and stimulate the vitality of market players.

  Taking the "cloud" Canton Fair as an example, Bai Ming, deputy director of the International Market Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce Research Institute, pointed out that small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises have benefited a lot from it.

"Under the traditional exhibition mode held offline, limited by the area of ​​the exhibition hall and other conditions, booths are a scarce resource, and it is relatively difficult for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to obtain booths. However, through 'Cloud Canton Exchange', many small and medium-sized enterprises have more opportunities to appear on the stage. It also makes the allocation of exhibition resources more optimized, so that the Canton Fair can better serve the overall situation of foreign trade by stabilizing market players."

  Relevant policies have also been introduced in many places to encourage enterprises to help enterprises through "cloud exhibitions" and "cloud docking".

Recently, the Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province issued "Several Measures on Further Helping Market Entities in the Commercial Field to Relieve Difficulties".

Among them, it is mentioned that the online exhibition and matchmaking meeting of "Jiangsu Youpin·Changxing Global" will be organized, in which the online international exhibition will cooperate with well-known domestic e-commerce platforms, and the provincial-level business development special funds will support the participation expenses of Jiangsu exhibitors; Hold online matchmaking meetings of "Suxin Service·Smart World" in film and television, design, communication, environmental protection, medicine, transportation, etc.; help Jiangsu service trade enterprises to open up supply and demand in the international market through "cloud exhibition", "cloud docking", "cloud negotiation" and other modes Blocking points, promoting enterprises' excellent design, strong innovation, smooth logistics, and boosting Jiangsu service trade enterprises to expand the international market.

  The "Several Opinions on Further Reducing Burdens and Relieving and Helping the Development of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises" issued by the General Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Government mentioned that a new batch of key exhibition catalogues should be studied and formulated in accordance with the principle of making the best possible exhibitions and promoting exhibitions with all their strength.

All localities should formulate their own catalogues to support more local enterprises to participate in online and offline exhibitions, and support foreign trade enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions by adopting new models such as online negotiation and offline exhibitions to explore the international market.

Li Zhen

Li Zhen