The anchor brings goods "fracture price", 80% of them have pits

  □ Our reporter Liang Pingni

  □ The correspondent of this newspaper is Zhang Shufang on behalf of Jifan

  In recent years, "Internet celebrity" anchors have become more and more popular, and live broadcast sections of various online trading platforms have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain.

However, behind the popularity of "Internet celebrities" bringing goods, some problems also follow: some criminals, motivated by interests, mix the clothing of counterfeit well-known brands into the Internet and physical trading platforms under the gimmick of foreign trade "tail orders", thereby Profiteering; some consumers lack the knowledge and experience to identify counterfeit brand clothing, and purchase batches of big-name products with "fracture prices", but eventually find that they have been deceived...

  In June 2021, the public security organ of Heze City, Shandong Province, based on clues, detected a large case of manufacturing and selling counterfeit well-known brand clothing, and arrested 37 suspects including Tian Moumou.

The sale of counterfeit products spread to many provinces across the country, counterfeiting many well-known domestic and foreign brands, and was announced by the Ministry of Public Security as one of the ten typical cases of cracking down on crimes of intellectual property infringement.

  Recently, the People's Procuratorate of Heze Economic Development Zone, on the basis of leading the investigation in the early stage, strictly reviewed the facts and evidence of the case, and charged the case with the crime of selling commodities with counterfeit registered trademarks, the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks, and the illegal manufacture and sale of illegally manufactured registered trademarks. 14 defendants were prosecuted for the crime of marking.

  Very tempting propaganda tactics such as "handling foreign trade final orders", "discounts only available in live broadcast rooms", "normal price 1999, live broadcast price 199" continue to stimulate consumers' desire for shopping. The market price is sold all over the country, and a large number of consumers are deceived.

  From 2019 to 2021, the defendant Tian Moumou and others, in response to the psychology of individual consumers who want to buy popular brand clothing at a low price, hired customer service, warehouse management and anchor personnel to carry out the production and operation of counterfeit clothing products, through online stores and 3 A brick-and-mortar store has started a "fake big-name business".

They targeted a number of well-known brand clothing including FILA for imitation production, and sold a large number of counterfeit brand clothing in the name of foreign trade "tail orders" and inventory clearance, and then made huge profits.

  "We will promote it through Taobao live broadcast, but we will not use the official names of these products when we promote them, which are usually homonyms or icons. La'." According to the defendant's confession, in order to avoid the supervision of online platforms and successfully sell counterfeit brand clothing, they mostly adopted "code language" sales methods, and regularly changed the product name. When publishing the purchase link, the brand trademark in the picture will be displayed Code processing.

  Nowadays, online shopping has become an important channel for shopping and consumption. During the shopping process, consumers will always face various problems. How to fully protect their personal rights and prudently avoid pitfalls?

Prosecutors of Heze Economic Development Zone People's Procuratorate: First of all, consumers should consume rationally and identify regular sellers.

"There will be no pie in the sky", high quality and low price is the most ideal state for consumers to buy goods, but in real life, the price of goods is often proportional to its value.

Although some products have a certain premium based on the social attributes, cultural attributes, emotional factors and other reasons given by the brand itself, the "jumping prices" advertised by merchants are basically unreliable. Consumers should improve their rational cognition and overcome the "chop price" of impulse consumption hand" habit.

At the same time, when shopping, consumers should try their best to go to regular sales stores and online dealers to buy, and identify their sales qualifications by checking the brand authorization letter, business license and other documents to reduce the risk of "stepping on the pit".

  Secondly, consumers should ask for formal bills, keep consumption records, and provide protection for rights protection.

The Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests stipulates that when operators provide goods or services, they shall issue invoices and other purchase certificates or service documents to consumers in accordance with relevant state regulations or commercial practices; if consumers ask for invoices and other purchase certificates or service documents, the operator shall must be issued.

Therefore, in the process of consumption, consumers can improve their ability to identify formal sellers by asking operators for formal sales receipts.

  If you have accidentally "stepped on the pit", how can you take measures to stop the loss in time?

Prosecutors said that according to the Consumer Rights Protection Law, consumers who suffer personal or property damage due to purchasing, using goods or receiving services have the right to receive compensation in accordance with the law.

Consumers can take the following measures to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

  Reconcile on their own or request mediation from consumer associations or other mediation organizations established in accordance with the law.

In the event of consumer infringement, consumers can negotiate with the infringer on compensation matters by themselves or through relevant organizations, and obtain compensation on the basis of consensus.

  Submit to an arbitration institution for arbitration according to the arbitration agreement reached with the operator.

If there is a consumer rights dispute between the consumer and the operator, the consumer may, according to the arbitration agreement reached with the operator, submit it to an arbitration institution for arbitration of the disputed matter in accordance with the law.

  File a civil lawsuit.

In the case of personal and property damage to consumers, consumers may file a civil lawsuit against the producer or seller in accordance with the law, file compensation matters in accordance with relevant laws, and demand a corresponding amount of compensation.

  Complain to the relevant administrative department.

The administrative departments for industry and commerce of the people's governments at all levels and other relevant administrative departments shall, in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, take measures within their respective responsibilities to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

When consumers encounter infringements, they can file a complaint with the relevant administrative department in accordance with the law, and the competent department will investigate and deal with the illegal behavior.