Frisbee is reversing its conventional impression in the minds of the public, gradually changing from "played by dogs" to "played by people".

  First listed by Xiaohongshu in the "Top Ten Life Trends in 2022" report, and then became a happy partner for camping. The Red Star Capital Bureau found that, especially after entering May, the search index of Frisbee was almost higher every day.

  Kevin, a member of the Frisbee Committee of the China Extreme Sports Association and the head of the HUCK Frisbee Club, told the Red Star Capital Bureau that, as a niche sport, Frisbee is now far from commercial operation.


  Frisbee is on fire

  Frisbee became popular, and the number of students and courses on social platforms have increased significantly

  Like camping, frisbee is becoming one of the ways young people express their love for life.

  A set of data from Xiaohongshu shows that in 2021, the release of Frisbee content on the platform has increased by 6 times year-on-year; by the Qingming Festival this year, searches related to Frisbee on Xiaohongshu have increased by about 24 times year-on-year.

  From the rules of Frisbee to simple teaching, from the brand to the clothes when playing Frisbee, more and more young people are keen to post about Frisbee on social networks.

  Kevin, a member of the Frisbee Committee of the China Extreme Sports Association and the head of the HUCK Frisbee Club, told the Red Star Capital Bureau that after the Frisbee explosion, his life has also changed. In the field of the adult market, the number of students and the amount of courses taught have increased significantly.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau found that at present, the popularity of Frisbee is still continuing to skyrocket.

  According to the Baidu search index, from January to April this year, the overall daily average of the Frisbee search index was about 563; after entering May, the value was almost higher every day, and the overall daily average reached 1094; May 20 Today, the value reached 2187.

  A Frisbee enthusiast Jack (pseudonym) told the Red Star Capital Bureau that the extreme Frisbee (team Frisbee) is currently more popular in China.

  According to public information, in the regular ultimate Frisbee competition, it is generally a 7-player VS7-player (mixed men and women) system.

  However, Jasmine (pseudonym), a staff member of a Frisbee club in Beijing, told the Red Star Capital Bureau that the current Frisbee sports often do not strictly abide by the above competition system, and an event may be attended by more than 20 people.

  "The Frisbee is not as mysterious and interesting as you think. What's really interesting? It's socializing, it's playing with people, you toss it around by yourself, and toss it with you and 20 little brothers and sisters, that feeling is It's different." Jasmine said.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that there are also Frisbee enthusiasts who expressed on the Internet that they value the social function of Frisbee, "a good project for treating social phobia", "It is very interactive, and you are afraid that you will not be able to make new friends?"

  Low entry barrier

  Within 100 yuan can meet the needs of players

  In addition to strong social attributes, the Red Star Capital Bureau found that the entry threshold for Frisbee is very low, and the equipment requirements are not high.

  Jasmine said that in general, Frisbee clubs will provide Frisbees, and players do not need to buy them; if they really want to buy them, a Frisbee with a unit price of 49.9 yuan from Decathlon can already meet the basic needs of players.

  Kevin told the Red Star Capital Bureau that in general, the unit price of a Frisbee is less than 100 yuan. "You can buy a better model for 60-70 yuan. If you want color and pattern design, it may be slightly more expensive."

  When players become proficient at the advanced level, they often have more requirements on the color and pattern design of the Frisbee.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau has learned that at present, the most recognized Frisbee equipment manufacturer in the circle is Ningbo Yikun Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yikun Frisbee").

  According to the official website of Yikun Frisbee, it was established in 2008 and is the first senior player and industry expert to contact and promote Frisbee in China. Its products have been certified by the World Frisbee Federation and the World Professional Frisbee Golf Association.

  According to Jiemian News, Yikun Frisbee’s revenue in 2021 will be close to 60 million, with an annual growth rate of 150%-200%, and more than 70% of its product revenue comes from overseas, which are exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

  In the Yikun Frisbee flagship store on the Tmall platform, the unit price of its team Frisbee is between 49.9 yuan and 149.9 yuan, and the monthly sales volume of the highest-selling item exceeds 2,000.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau found that there are frisbee clubs that will customize the ultimate frisbee with their own logo. The customized frisbee will be more expensive, and the price of external sales is often 129 yuan and above.

  Take the customized service provided by Yikun Frisbee as an example, the price is linked to the customized quantity.

If you only customize a 175-gram Frisbee, the price is 299 yuan. If you customize more than 10 pieces, the unit price will drop to 75 yuan.

  The staff of Wing Kun Frisbee revealed to the Red Star Capital Bureau that there are many people/clubs who have come to customize the Wing Kun Frisbee recently.

If the amount of customization is large enough and the material requirements for the Frisbee are not high, the ex-factory price can be lowered to about 60 yuan/piece.

  In addition to customization, there are also Frisbee players who choose to DIY to draw Frisbee patterns.

  "Using acrylic paint to paint on a Frisbee, as long as the paint is not particularly thick and biased, the problem is not big, and it will not cause any impact. The precision requirements for the Frisbee are not so high." Jack said to the Red Star Capital Bureau.

  Commercialization is still a long way off

  Tickets for the event cost a lot of money, and the club has a profit of about 1,000 yuan for an event.

  Compared to the cost of Frisbee itself, for Frisbee players, the biggest expense is event tickets.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that in Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities, there are zero-based Frisbee experience courses for novice players, and then they are diverted to more professional advanced and competition field activities.

  Whether it is a novice field, an advanced field, or a competition field, the price of tickets for the event basically ranges from 80-200 yuan per person, and the ticket prices of different cities and different Frisbee clubs have certain differences.

  Taking the Frisbee club where Jasmine is a member as an example, the price of its event tickets is relatively high. The event tickets for the novice field are 188 yuan per person, while the event tickets for the advanced field and the competition field are generally 209 yuan per person.

  Jasmine revealed to the Red Star Capital Bureau that in the absence of the epidemic, they will open registration for weekend games during the week, usually 2-3 novice games and 2-3 advanced games per day, with 20-30 people per game. All spots are gone within half an hour.

  From Beijing's point of view, Frisbee activities often rent the venue of the football field, and the cost is about 1,000-2,000 yuan (2 hours).

  Take the middle value of the above data for calculation, assuming that there are 20 people per game, each person pays 140 yuan, and the fee for renting the football field is calculated as 1,500 yuan, and the fee received by the Frisbee club is about 2,800 yuan. Without considering the labor cost , each profit is about 1300 yuan.

  This may be the reason why the domestic ultimate Frisbee competition is not held according to the 7-player VS7-player system. If only 14 people participate, it will either increase the cost shared by everyone, or the organizer will fill in the gaps.

  "Most clubs operate at low profit"

  The value of frisbee sports

  Still on the field in the end

  The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that at present, there are more than 70,000 notes about Frisbee on the Xiaohongshu.

According to Jiemian News, Xiaohongshu has invited Frisbee clubs across the country to join the Xiaohongshu Frisbee Alliance. As of late April this year, about 100 clubs have joined.

  Kevin revealed to the Red Star Capital Bureau that at present, the Frisbee clubs are basically operated at low profit.

"(The Frisbee) has exploded, and there should be no one operating at a loss, but if it makes a profit, it won't make much profit."

  In Kevin's view, the commercialization of Frisbee is very weak at present. The industry chain, events, and training at various levels are all directions that the entire industry needs to really develop, but at present it is still relatively lacking.

  As a sport, the ultimate commercial value of Frisbee still has to return to the game.

  According to public information, the World Frisbee Federation (WFDF) will hold the World Frisbee Championship and the World Club Frisbee Championship every four years, as well as the World Youth Frisbee Championship and the Frisbee All-Around Championship every two years.

  From the perspective of domestic events, according to the Beijing News, since 2019, the Social Sports Guidance Center of the State Sports General Administration has included Frisbee events in its annual competition plan, including the National Frisbee Championship, the National Youth Frisbee Championship, and the Urban Frisbee Championship. Wait.

  Kevin believes that, as a niche sport, Frisbee is far away from commercial operation. "It still needs more people to participate, so that more practitioners can make money, and commercial operation can develop. Now, Frisbee can It is definitely a good thing to be popular, and it will promote the growth and development of the entire industry.”

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter Yang Peiwen