Sino-Singapore Jingwei, May 21 (Chang Tao) In order to set up an 8-yuan insurance number package, He He did not know how many times he talked to the customer service, but every time he received the same reply: changing the 8-yuan package requires a machine The main person takes the original ID card to the own business hall of the place of ownership for processing.

  "Isn't this about to graduate soon? I still want to keep my mobile phone number during college. Many accounts are bound to this number. I heard from my classmates that China Unicom has an 8 yuan insurance number package. Because I am not in school now, I want to I changed it online, but I didn’t expect it to be so laborious.” After several unsuccessful consultations, He He decided to find a guide on a certain grass platform that he often browses, but he didn’t expect to “open the door to a new world”.

Defeat "Speak" with "Speak"

  Hehe found that there are not a few users who have had similar experiences with her.

"I browsed the notes everyone posted, and the reasons why the operators refuse to apply online are similar. They all require you to go to the business hall to apply for it. Some customer service personnel will also require users to provide an old age certificate, poverty certificate or disability certificate to apply. Some customer service staff simply said that there is no such package." He He said.

  Sino-Singapore Jingwei reporters searched the above platforms with keywords such as "guaranteed number package" and "Unicom 8 yuan", and there are a lot of notes related to this. From the screenshots of chats with customer service posted by users, the situation is similar to what Hehe described. big.

  A note publisher told a reporter from Sino-Singapore Jingwei that his mobile phone number was signed for a package of 59 yuan, but he did not use this number on a daily basis.

When he asked the operator's customer service if he could change to the lowest-priced package, he was told by the customer service that he had to go to the business hall to register.

"In a fit of rage, I posted this experience on the Internet. I didn't expect everyone to leave a message for me, telling me how to use the words to defeat the customer service's words."

  After sorting out, it is found that these words summarized by users are mainly used to cope with customer service refusing to apply for low-priced packages or refusing to apply for low-priced packages online.

For example, a user who successfully applied for the insurance number package wrote, "Be tough, no matter what package the customer service recommends, you don't need to reply. It keeps saying that it will be done online, and the customer service will do it."

  Another user shared, "When the customer service refuses to apply online, you must be tougher. If you don't give it up, tell the customer service that you are ready to 'cancel the card and cancel the account' and 'transfer the number to the Internet'."

  Some users shared the killer trick of "complaining", "If you encounter a difficult customer service, you can say that you have consulted the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The three major operators have not canceled the minimum consumption, and they can handle it online. If you can't handle it online here, just File a complaint with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Be careful to use accurate words."

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  According to the feedback from users, these words are still effective.

"In my latest consultation, the customer service still said those words, so I copied the complaint immediately, and the customer service immediately changed his tune and said it could be handled. Then the customer service sent the online handling process and requirements, and it was done soon. The 8 yuan package includes 30 minutes of calls and 200MB of domestic traffic." He He said.

  A user said, "I want to change the package, and the customer service told me that I can only go to the offline business hall to handle it, but obviously so many people have successfully handled it online. I called China Unicom's complaint number and said that it would not be handled for me online again. I went to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to make a complaint. Soon the staff called me and said that it could be done online, and asked me how I knew about the 8-yuan package, which made me laugh and cry.”

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

A screenshot of the communication between the user and the mobile customer service.

Source: Xiaohongshu App

  A China Mobile user said that when she proposed to change the 8-yuan package, the customer service repeatedly emphasized that she did not have the right to do it online, but when she said, "If it doesn't work, then I can only complain", the customer service immediately changed her words, "I'm sorry. , I just asked here, and our authority is down." In addition, China Telecom users also reported similar experiences.

  Users also expressed confusion about the operator's operation.

He He said, "It is obvious that it can be changed online, so why do users have to toss around. The user needs are reasonable, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also supports it, and users should not be restricted from changing the package."

  A reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei noticed that as early as August 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document stating that telecom operators shall not restrict users from changing tariff plans.

Just customer service personal behavior?

  However, not all users will hit a wall for low-cost packages.

According to users' reports, the situations they encountered were not the same, some were easy to handle, while others "was a lot of saliva".

Why does this happen?

  Fu Liang, a telecommunications analyst, told the Sino-Singapore Jingwei reporter that in general, the rules for changing tariff packages are not formulated at the level of the operator group company, but by the operator branches at the provincial and municipal levels, which leads to When users go to consult, they may face inconsistent rules in different places, but this cannot be a reason for operators to conceal package items and restrict users from changing tariff plans.

  A person who works in a branch of a provincial operator told a reporter from Sino-Singapore Jingwei that the performance competition among the first-level operators and branches of each province and city is very fierce. When it comes to individual account managers, the assessment pressure is also very high, and the number of users , The number of high-priced packages is an assessment indicator, so users are very likely to be retained when they apply for number portability or change to low-priced packages.

  "The company has some retention tactics, but it will not deliberately conceal low-priced packages or make things difficult for users. If it happens, it is usually the personal behavior of customer service or account managers, and users can complain." The person said.

  However, according to Hu Gang, deputy secretary-general of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Internet Society of China, the operator's customer service personnel have received strict language training, and the words they reply to users represent the company's will.

  "On the one hand, the operator's customer service personnel use technical means or business requirements as an excuse to restrict or hinder users from adjusting the package, which in fact deprives or restricts the user's right to choose. On the other hand, the operator's behavior violates the right to know. Many users Before applying for the package, I didn’t know that downgrading the gear requires such cumbersome and harsh conditions, and the operator’s staff did not fulfill the responsibility of reminding.” Hu Gang said in an interview with a reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei.

  A staff member of China Unicom's consumer rights protection hotline told a reporter from Sino-Singapore Jingwei that the lowest price package varies from place to place, but the company will not restrict users from changing the package. If they refuse to handle it, they can complain.

A customer service of China Mobile also said that if the mobile phone number does not have a contract, you can apply for a 9 yuan insurance number package online. If there is a contract, you need to pay liquidated damages first.

Jingwei Quick Review: Give users the freedom to change low-priced packages

  In order to change to a low-priced package, users spontaneously formed a "mutual helper alliance" to share the words to deal with customer service. It sounds a little incredible, but it really happened, and it solidly reflects the insincere and routine.

  For a long time, consumers have been in a weak position in front of operators most of the time.

Routines such as “easy to downgrade and difficult to upgrade packages” and “difficult to port numbers to the Internet” have also existed for a long time, and they have not been well resolved so far, causing consumers to wear out their mouths, run and break their legs, and become exhausted.

  It is a helpless move for consumers to form a "mutual aid alliance" to share the words of coping with customer service.

The irony is that these words are actually "a hundred trials and a hundred spirits" and "successful after trial and error". After using them, the customer service "immediately changed their words" and "warm and thoughtful", making consumers laugh and laugh, and also full of doubts: the user's requirements are reasonable, and the operators also provide corresponding services, why? Have to toss around?

  Under the background of the full implementation of number portability, users will vote with their feet.

Operators should also show sincerity and provide good services to avoid the most serious consequences of losing user trust.

  After all, for users, if it is not forced by the operator, no one is willing to force themselves to be a "speaking master".

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