China New Observation | 985, 211 college masters and doctoral students, why do they get together in small county towns?

  Zhongxin Finance, May 20 (Zuo Yukun) If you have a high degree of master and doctoral degree from a famous school, would you prefer to stay in a big city or take root in a small county after graduation?

Recently, several pieces of news of "small county towns where famous schools, masters and PhDs get together for employment" have set off waves in this job hunting season.

  "Has the academic qualifications been invoked like this?" "Masters and PhDs in prestigious schools are all at the grassroots level, what can ordinary graduates do?" "When will the 'targeted admissions' of only academic qualifications and prestigious schools stop?"...Under all kinds of voices Why does the county town vigorously rob people?

Why are master and doctoral students from prestigious schools willing to go?

A scene from a county in the north.

Photo by Xie Dezhi

There is a lot of money and space, and the county is very "hard-core" to recruit people

  Recently, the announcement list of Suichang County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, "2022 Announcement on Introducing Outstanding Graduates to World-Class Universities in Suichang County to be Shortlisted for Physical Examinations" aroused heated discussions.

The list shows that almost all the finalists for the 24 jobs are from Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and other well-known universities, and the proportion of masters and doctors is as high as 95.8%.

  Similarly, Funing County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province issued the "Announcement of Personnel to be Employed by Funing County to introduce outstanding graduates to some universities across the country and overseas world-renowned schools in 2022 (the first batch)", from Peking University, Renmin University of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences More than 100 graduates from top universities such as universities appear on this list.

  It may be a little exaggerated to use "getting together" to describe the graduates of famous schools for graduates and doctoral degrees to find employment in small counties, but it seems that it has indeed become a trend.

  Taking Suichang County as an example, the talent introduction policy can be said to be quite attractive: full-time doctoral students can enjoy a policy reward of 750,000 yuan, and full-time undergraduate students can enjoy a 450,000 yuan policy reward.

In addition, considering the future development space, after the introduction of personnel, they will sign contracts with the recruiting unit and be included in the business establishment management; those who have passed the assessment and performed well at the end of the one-year probation period will also be hired according to the work needs. middle-level principal or middle-level deputy position”.

  Zhongxin Finance noticed that the official website of Suichang County People's Government published an article on May 9, "Suichang Throws "Olive Branches" to World-Class University Graduates: "This time I came here, I have the deepest feeling. Even though Suichang is a small city, its development prospects and talent services are not far behind." Liu Qian, a female doctor from Zhejiang University, said that Suichang's new talent policy and the atmosphere of valuing, respecting and achieving talents moved her.

Data map: Overlooking the developing Suichang County.

Photo by Xiang Jing

Stealing people, a "big event" in a "small county town"

  Shi Yue (pseudonym), who graduated from Peking University as a graduate student in 2021, came to work in a second-tier city in Zhejiang for just one year, and has already lived a life of "cars, houses, good food and drink, good environment and good environment".

  Although it is not the contrast from first-tier cities to county towns, for Shi Yue, it was not easy for Shi Yue to give up the job opportunities already obtained in Beijing, Tianjin and other places, and come alone to this completely unfamiliar place. s Choice.

Fortunately, she is quite satisfied with her current working and living conditions.

  "The talent subsidy here is very strong. The settlement fee and talent subsidy are all directly paid in real money. It can be said that as soon as I came here, the two biggest pressures on many young people, the car and the house, were completely unnecessary. I worry about it. Moreover, the environment is livable and the sense of happiness in life is very high." Shi Yue introduced to the "China New Observation" column of Zhongxin Finance and Economics that he worked for a year and his annual salary has reached 300,000 yuan.

  "To be honest, there are so many famous schools that send so many graduates every year, and my education is not so prominent in Beijing. But after coming here, it is still relatively high, and the leaders also value me very much." Shi Yue That said, it seems that there is still considerable room for future development.

  As Shi Yue said, governments at all levels eager for talent have placed talent development in an important strategic position.

From opening settlement, settlement subsidies, to start-up loans, direct "send money"... There are continuous moves everywhere.

According to the 2021 population data released by various provinces, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other provinces have maintained a positive growth in the number of permanent residents of a certain scale.

  After graduating from a first-class university in Beijing, Li Lin (pseudonym) came to a second-tier city and county in Jiangsu to become a grass-roots civil servant.

He told Zhongxin Finance and Economics that the "people-snatching war" that spread from first- and second-tier cities actually sank to many county-level cities very early.

  "But it can be clearly felt that big cities have outstanding geographical advantages, high levels of economic development, and more abundant resources for various medical and educational services. This is incomparable to county towns and even small and medium-sized cities. Therefore, in order to attract talents, some county towns rely on With its own financial strength, a policy of giving money and giving welfare has been introduced." Li Lin believes.

  But Li Lin also mentioned that many grassroots governments have realized their shortcomings in the supply of public services.

"So in the last few rounds of recruitment, we and many other counties have vigorously introduced teachers, doctors and other technical talents as urgently needed talents. This is a big improvement in my opinion." Li Lin said.

  "In the current situation of severe employment situation, various localities are actively taking some measures to attract talents, which is conducive to alleviating employment pressure." Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, said, but what needs to be paid attention to is whether the introduced talents are in line with the local personnel. Whether the demand is matched, whether it can play a specific role in a specific position, and whether the system of talent employment is sustainable, not just from a single job position and salary and benefits.

Data map: Several college students are waiting in line for interviews.

Photo by Liu Lixin

"Two-way travel" between county development and talent employment

  The talent introduction competition in the county seat has attracted so much attention, which is not unrelated to the issuance of a document.

  Recently, the Office of the CPC Central Committee and the Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting Urbanization Construction with County Towns as Important Carriers", which not only emphasized the important position of county towns in my country's urban system, but also made it clear "to fully implement the policy of canceling restrictions on settlement in county towns to ensure stability. The migrants who live and work are treated the same as the local agricultural transfer population.” The development of the county has great potential.

  According to data from the Ministry of Education, the number of Chinese college graduates in 2022 is expected to reach 10.76 million, breaking the 10 million mark for the first time.

Promoting the employment of college graduates has become the top priority of stabilizing employment.

  "The new space for my country's employment growth lies in the county area, and the county area is the 'home' to release the pressure of employment in my country." Xu Fei, director of the Digital Economy and Employment Research Center of the Ali Research Institute, believes that with the development of the county-level life service industry and the development of labor-intensive industries With the rise and the sinking development of the new economy and new business formats, the county area will become a new direction for the new generation of workers to find employment.

  Chu Zhaohui proposed that we must find ways to solve the current employment problems from a systematic and sustainable perspective. The most important thing is to stimulate the vitality of enterprises, increase the demand for enterprises to employ people, and attract more talents for employment.

  "Because I usually participate in recruiting people, I feel that the post-90s and post-00s are excellent in both learning ability and work attitude. It is true that each generation is stronger than the next generation." Li Lin said that although the work in the county is not "high-end" However, it also involves all aspects of society and people's livelihood. It is really difficult to revitalize one's own economy, improve various public services, and properly handle the interests of the people.

  Li Lin believes, "In the long run, more highly educated talents will come to the grass-roots level. I think it is a kind of 'two-way' help for the training and growth of graduates and the development and activation of the county seat."

  Of course, the signing of an employment contract is only the beginning. The halo of a master and doctoral student in a prestigious school is not a long-term decisive factor for individual development or local construction.

How the county can really retain talents and how graduates can make practical contributions to the local area are the things that should be considered more behind the excitement.