Finance Minister Suzuki, who is attending the G7 = Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meeting of the Seven Major Countries in Germany, has doubled the scale of cofinancing to support education and medical care in Ukraine as Japan. In addition, he announced a policy to implement it promptly.

The G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meeting, attended by Finance Minister Suzuki and Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda, was held near Bonn in western Germany. Prime Minister Schmihari and Finance Minister Marchenko also participated online.

First, regarding the response to the military invasion by Russia, Minister of Finance Suzuki said, "Russia's aggression shakes the foundation of the international community and is absolutely unacceptable. Full support and solidarity with Ukraine is necessary." In addition, Japan has announced that it will double its co-financing with the World Bank from $ 300 million to $ 600 million and will promptly implement it by next month so that Russia can maintain public services such as education and medical care. ..

The meeting also confirmed that the G7 will continue to align and increase pressure on economic sanctions against Russia.

On the 20th of Japan time, the G7 will hold discussions on the new corona and how to respond to climate change, and will summarize the results of the discussion as a statement.