(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) "Confidence is more important than gold" Chinese and foreign restaurant chains keep "Shanghai" without stopping

  China News Agency, Shanghai, May 19 (Reporter Jiang Yu) "We are actively saving ourselves and working hard to persevere. At the moment of the epidemic, confidence is more important than gold." Wang Dongsheng, President and CEO of Pizza Marciano China, told China News Agency on the 19th reporter said.

  Pizza Marciano is known for its authentic Italian-style pizza, with more than half of its 60 stores in China located in Shanghai.

"When the epidemic started in Shanghai in March, we applied to the government for the qualification of 'guaranteing supply' and accepted community group purchases. After that, some online retail channels resumed. Currently, the two sales channels are parallel." Wang Dongsheng said.

  Pizza Macano's supply-guaranteed store can receive about 5 community purchasing groups every day, and the purchase amount of each group is 5,000 yuan.

Wang Dongsheng said that at present, due to the fact that the transportation capacity has not been fully restored and the production capacity of partners is limited, the sales volume of the opened stores is only one-third of that before the epidemic.

  The Tims coffee community group purchase initiated by "coffee control" Ms. Fu quickly "formed a group", and the 25 coffee and bread packages "arrived as promised" soon. N days, I hope this cup of coffee from Tims will warm you up." Ms. Fu was moved.

  Tims, a well-known coffee chain brand from North America, opened its first supply-guarantee store in mid-April, and has provided catering services with coffee and warm food to more than 15,000 Shanghai households so far.

"The happiness and satisfaction of every Tims customer is the driving force for our supply guarantee team to do their best. We believe that the epidemic will eventually pass, and we look forward to seeing everyone's smiling faces at Tims Cafe." A staff member of Tims Cafe Minhang Longsheng store staff said.

  Wang Xiaodong, who founded 4 Central Plains cuisine brands, wrote this sentence in his circle of friends at the beginning of the epidemic in Shanghai: "Accept all business, do all needs, and live for the enterprise".

  In mid-March, all 40 stores of Wang Xiaodong's restaurant "Dongjia Shuijianbao" in Shanghai were closed due to the epidemic, and one store obtained the qualification for supply guarantee.

With the government-issued "supply guarantee pass", the guarantee store began to provide meal delivery services to residents in the surrounding communities. The 6 on-duty employees performed closed management, sleeping on benches and covering tablecloths, just for this "persistence".

  "In recent days, we have been able to purchase fresh ingredients in the early hours of the morning, which shows that Shanghai's material supply and logistics support have improved. I think the days of getting out of the epidemic are not far away." Wang Xiaodong said.

  "Online order, offline delivery" is currently the main business model of large restaurant chains such as McDonald's.

  McDonald's first guaranteed supply restaurant opened at the end of March. With the improvement of the epidemic prevention situation, more than 120 restaurants have reopened.

In addition to community group purchases, online ordering channels for ordinary consumers have also been opened, but due to manpower and production capacity reasons, only two periods of limited supply are carried out each day.

  McDonald's related sources revealed that with the gradual control of the epidemic in Shanghai, McDonald's will have more stores to speed up the resumption of the market.

  According to the relevant policies issued by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, combined with the actual needs of epidemic prevention and control and the protection of living materials, the unsealing of relevant outlets in Shanghai supermarkets will be steadily promoted by division and classification, and large chain catering enterprises in the "prevention area" will gradually resume business. Online ordering and offline delivery will be implemented, and the opening of dine-in will take time.