The Sony Group has announced that it will position the virtual space "Metaverse" on the Internet as a future growth field and will strengthen its services in the entertainment field such as games and music that it handles.

On the 18th, Sony Group President Kenichiro Yoshida held a briefing session on future management policies in Tokyo.

Among them, President Yoshida cites virtual space on the Internet = "Metaverse" as a field that is expected to grow in the future, and clarified his intention to strengthen services.

In Metaverse, users can interact and enjoy shopping through the avatar of their alter ego in a three-dimensional virtual space, and many companies in Japan and overseas, including the American IT giant "Meta", can enjoy it. , We are paying attention as it will be the basis of next-generation services.

The Sony Group is proceeding with the acquisition of an American game company that has strengths in Metaverse-related technology, and based on this, it will create new services not only for games but also for its own music and animation businesses. It is a policy to go.

President Yoshida said, "We would like to create a new and moving experience that connects creators and users by making the best use of the characteristics of various entertainment businesses and game technology that we have been working on for many years."

Regarding the EV = electric vehicle business, which has announced a partnership with Honda, President Yoshida expressed his intention to use sensor and communication technology to create a vehicle that can update its functions even after it is sold.