Zhongxin Finance, May 18 (Reporter Zhang Ni) Recently, Fu Yanjie overturned, because the advertising content of its products on an e-commerce platform was too unlimited, and was bombarded by public opinion.

  What happened to Fu Yanjie?

Why are you keen on "self-destructing" marketing?

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The advertisement was questioned for insulting women, and Fu Yanjie was put on file for investigation

  "Too dark and unpleasant" "to wash out girly powder"...

  Recently, a series of expressions appeared in the advertisement of a women's product in the official flagship store of an e-commerce platform of Fuyanjie, which "shattered the three views".

  Immediately, the topic of #FUYANJIEAds accused of insulting women# was also sent to the hot search.

Some netizens shouted: "I vomited!"

  Amid the denunciations and doubts, on May 17, the customer service of the official flagship store of Fuyanjie E-commerce responded to the media that the company attached great importance to this matter, the products had been removed from the shelves, and a thorough internal investigation was underway.

Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience caused.

  On the 18th, the staff of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Zhangshu City, Jiangxi responded to the media that they were aware of the matter and would file a case for investigation.

Renhe Pharmaceuticals behind "washing is healthier"

  Fuyanjie, which was launched in 1998, was once known for its classic "washing is healthier".

  Fuyanjie is a product of Jiangxi Kangmei Medical and Health Products Co., Ltd. The company was established in November 1998. According to its official website, the company is a core enterprise of Renhe (Group) Development Co., Ltd. "Renhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." belongs to backbone production enterprises.

  Renhe Pharmaceutical stated on the investor interaction platform in May 2021 that the revenue of Fuyanjie series products in 2020 will account for about 4.46% of the total revenue.

  When it comes to Renhe Pharmaceutical, it also has a series of products that consumers are familiar with.

  Renhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a listed company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company's main business includes production and sales of Chinese and Western medicines, APIs and health-related products.

The main products include Renhe Click, Eucardan series, Fuyanjie series, Dahuoluo capsules, Shining eye drops, Qinghuo capsules, Zhengwei capsules, etc.

  Although it has many well-known products, in recent years, Renhe Pharmaceutical has been labeled as the "OEM King" in the pharmaceutical industry by the outside world.

The company has been "staking the field" all the way, and its business fields span across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical beauty and so on.

  According to public media reports, since 2009, Renhe Pharmaceutical has successively acquired more than 10 companies including Jiangxi Pharmaceutical, Zhangshu Pharmaceutical, Yaodu Pharmaceutical, Yuanshengtang, Longantang, Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical, and Yuxin Pharmaceutical. The cost is about 2 billion yuan.

  In April 2019, Renhe Pharmaceutical issued an announcement announcing that it would invest 1 billion in industrial hemp.

  In July 2021, the company spent another 719 million yuan to acquire 80% of the equity of seven target companies including Shenzhen Mipu Natural Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Juhe E-Commerce Co., Ltd., and Jiangxi Juyou E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Sales expenses are more than 10 times the R&D expenses

  While expanding significantly, Renhe Pharmaceutical has always attached great importance to marketing, and sales expenses have always accounted for a relatively high proportion.

  In 2020, the company's sales expenses will exceed 579 million yuan, and the research and development expenses in the same period will be 39.79 million yuan; in 2021, the sales expenses will exceed 590 million yuan, and the research and development expenses will be 52.14 million yuan in the same period. The sales expenses have always been more than 10 times the research and development investment.

  In addition, according to media reports, as of the end of 2021, Renhe Pharmaceutical has 7,055 employees, including 4,132 sales staff, accounting for 58.56%, which is 3.3 times that of production staff.

  In terms of advertising, the company is also willing to "understand". The company has signed a number of brand ambassadors, and some of the advertising slogans are still impressive.

  According to the official WeChat account of Renhe Pharmaceuticals, in April this year, Renhe Pharmaceuticals also organized a video summary meeting on the marketing work of the first quarter. At the meeting, Fuyanjie sanitary napkins, Ganmaoling granules and other large items sold well. The provincial cadres shared their experience.

  On the other hand, Renhe Pharmaceutical's products, including Click, Shining Eye Drops, Eucardin and other products have all been deeply involved in negative events.

This time, Fu Yanjie's terrifying advertising copy was criticized by the outside world for "swords that go sideways" and "no lower limit for drainage".

China-Singapore Micro-Review: racking your brains for marketing is not as good as practicing internal skills

  Today, although the products of Fuyanjie, which are accused of insulting women in advertisements, have been taken off the shelves, after the incident, the company is left with a deeper reflection: Is the marketing of making traffic by playing "edge balls" good or bad?

How should enterprises cultivate internal strength?

  Instead of racking your brains for fancy marketing, put your energy into more valuable R&D.

This may be the problem that many companies need to solve in the future. After all, Fu Yanjie is just a microcosm of the chaos.