As announced on the 18th, the real growth rate of GDP = gross domestic product from January to March was negative for the first time in two quarters.

Many people think that the growth rate of GDP until next month will be positive, but the rise in prices due to the situation in Ukraine is a cause for concern.

As announced by the Cabinet Office on the 18th, the real growth rate of GDP from January to March was minus 1.0% on an annualized basis compared to the previous three months, the first negative figure in two quarters.

Demand for services such as eating out and travel was sluggish as priority measures such as prevention of spread were applied in various places.

On the other hand, the average GDP forecast for the three months until next month for 36 private economists announced by the Japan Center for Economic Research on the 16th of this month is an annualized growth rate of 5.18. It is a high growth rate of%.

This is because the priority measures were lifted in March and service demand, which had been sluggish, is expected to recover.

However, according to the same private forecast, consumer prices will continue to rise by nearly 2% from the previous year in the index excluding fresh food due to the rise in energy and raw material prices due to the situation in Ukraine and the depreciation of the yen in the foreign exchange market. ..

If rising prices put pressure on households and corporate profits, there is concern that the economy will recover.