Air traffic exceeds 92,000 in 3 months

575,000 tons of air freight through Dubai and Al Maktoum airports during the first quarter

  • Airport Show concludes in Dubai today.

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  • Muhammad Abdullah Linjawi: "The authority carried out 180 inspection campaigns during 2021, compared to 57 inspection campaigns during 4 months of 2022."


The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority reported that the total volume of air freight, through Dubai and Al Maktoum International Airports, reached 575,000 tons during the first quarter of this year, noting that the number of air movements at the two airports reached 92,406.

In addition, exhibitors and experts participating in the 21st edition of the Airport Show in Dubai, which concludes today, said that the passenger experience is critical, as airports need to invest and accelerate investment in innovative technology, while focusing on smooth flights in addition to sustainability. .

aviation security

In detail, the Executive Director of the Aviation Security and Accident Investigation Sector at the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Muhammad Abdullah Linjawi, said that the Aviation Security and Hazardous Materials Department carried out 180 inspection campaigns during 2021, compared to 57 inspection campaigns during the first four months of this year.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, Linjawi said that "the total freight movement in 2021, at Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport, 2.43 million tons, and both airports recorded during the first quarter of this year 575.2 thousand tons during the period between January and March 2022.

He explained that "the total aircraft movement during 2021, at Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport, reached 268.55 thousand movements, while the total movement during the first quarter of this year reached 92,4 thousand movements," noting that the total passenger movement during 2021 At Dubai International Airport, it reached 29.1 million passengers, while the number during the first quarter of this year reached more than 13.12 million passengers.

Travelers Experience

In addition, Michael Schneider, executive vice president of airport affairs at Siemens Logistics, said: “Airports should continue to focus more on the passenger experience and ensure that final offerings and services focus more on travelers, and as a result become more tailored to individual needs. special.”

Tom Scola, Vice President and General Manager of Panasonic Avionics Corporation, added: “Today’s aviation technologies have played a major role in enhancing the passenger experience, from planning to getting on board, to choosing in-flight services such as entertainment and dining.

The data collected by various technologies helps ground personnel to improve services and take necessary measures in advance.”

self service

For his part, Director of Aviation at NAFFCO, Ketan Sethi, said: “The pandemic forced the airport industry to introduce the concept of (contactless) travel, for the sake of safety, as this led to a great demand for self-service systems at airports such as bag delivery systems and check-in. Self-access, facial recognition systems, and systems for automatically returning boxes of travelers’ belongings and sterilizing them within security points.”

"The pandemic has prompted airport operators to focus on the seamless journey, and airports should now invest in the passenger experience, while technology will need to be innovative and sustainable," said Yuli Gregg, commercial director of UK-based Midstream Lighting.

Eric Feldermann, CEO of TKH Airport Solutions, said, "Passengers expect a safe and smooth journey more than ever before, which makes airports look for ways to make them more efficient by maintaining sustainability and passenger safety."

electric plane

Joyce Abu Musa, Director of Innovation Projects at ADP, a group of French companies specializing in the design, construction and operation of airports, said, "The company will launch an electric commercial aircraft in December 2024, ahead of the Paris Olympics, where the trial run will be tested by one pilot and one passenger. to determine the extent of progress.

She added, during her participation in a dialogue session entitled "Preparing for the Future of Urban Mobility", which was held within the work of the Conference on Innovation and Development in Airports, which was held on the sidelines of the World Airport Leaders Forum, that "the program is still in the initial testing phase, as components are being tested to deal with technical and regulatory requirements." ».

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