China News Service, May 17th. Guangzhou Mobile's official Weibo released a situation statement on the 17th, saying that on the evening of May 16th, some media reported that "the child canceled the mobile phone number for the deceased mother, but was told that he needed to do it in person."

The company immediately set up a special working group to verify the problems reflected in the report.

The verification is as follows:

  On the afternoon of May 14th, Mr. Wu, a relative of the owner of the machine with the number 136XXXXXXXX, came to the Dashi franchise business hall in Panyu, Guangzhou to handle the account cancellation business.

The salesperson informed Mr. Wu that the cancellation of the account number needs to be handled on the spot by the owner himself.

Mr. Wu said, "She herself can't come anymore".

The salesperson did not understand the meaning of this sentence accurately, and did not know that the owner of the machine had passed away. He reminded again that the account cancellation needs to be done on the spot, or the account should not be recharged and paid, and the account will be automatically canceled after three months of arrears.

Mr. Wu did not raise any objection and left immediately, failing to complete the account cancellation on the same day.

  At noon on May 16, Mr. Wu and Ms. Wu, relatives of the owner, came to the business hall again, explaining that the owner had passed away, and provided information such as a death certificate. The salesperson handled the number cancellation for the customer on the spot.

  After verifying the relevant situation, Guangzhou Mobile took the initiative to contact the owner's relatives for in-depth communication and sincerely apologize.