, May 17 (Reporter Song Yajuan) In response to the short video of "cutting green wheat for feed" recently circulated on the Internet, Chen Shaohu, deputy secretary-general of the China Dairy Association, said in an interview with reporters that the China Dairy Association has recently cooperated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. According to the relevant situation of dairy farming enterprises, a few dairy farms in the Huanghuaihai area use wheat as silage, mainly because there is a certain shortage of silage corn. As the gap increases, we can only temporarily use wheat silage as an emergency.

Most of them are farms that rotate wheat on the supporting forage ground.

There are also individual farms that have purchased and stored some wheat on the spot, but they are not large-scale and the area is small, and the actual transaction price is not as high as the online saying.

  Chen Shaohu said that at present, the relevant dairy farms have stopped collecting and storing ration wheat as silage.

In response to the silage gap in some farms, the association is in contact with relevant breeding enterprises and forage enterprises to strengthen the scheduling of silage supply and demand, and organize production and sales to meet the needs of breeding.

For farm households with large gaps, help establish a "point-to-point" supply and marketing relationship with key forage and forage enterprises in the main producing areas, make up for the gap in time, and prevent the occurrence of shortage of grass and supply.

According to the preliminary investigation of the association, the shortage of silage for large-scale dairy farms in the Huanghuaihai region is about 400,000 tons, which is not large and can be solved through adjustment and deployment.

It is understood that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has made relevant arrangements to speed up the adjustment and transportation, and the local government is also coordinating to solve this problem. At present, Shandong, Jilin and other provinces have released information on the supply of silage production enterprises. Overcome the difficult times.

  According to Chen Shaohu, more than 90% of the silage used in dairy farming is corn silage, and the rest include ryegrass and barley.

The feed value of silage wheat is only about 70% of that of silage corn, and the biological yield per mu is less than 50% of that of silage corn. Using wheat as silage is only an emergency measure for forage stubble or under special circumstances, not a kind of common case.

  He said that although this kind of emergency has also occurred in previous years and the amount is small, all sectors of the society are highly concerned about ensuring national food security, especially the safety of rations.

In the next step, we will also guide the development of silage corn, ryegrass, forage barley and other forages with higher nutritional value and economic benefits, so as to ensure the supply of forages while ensuring food security, especially guide the farms in key areas to adapt to local conditions. Good silage purchase and storage work, promote the high-quality development of the dairy industry, and make the Chinese people more secure in drinking milk.