Yield 419.95 kg per mu of rapeseed in the Yangtze River Basin, setting a high-yield record

  "After on-site yield measurement, the expert group announced that the yield of 'Zhongyouza 501' rapeseed reached 419.95 kilograms per mu, setting a new record for the high yield of rapeseed in the Yangtze River Basin." Xiangzhou District held an observation meeting on the core technologies of the rapeseed green revolution. Li Gana, the leader of the production testing expert group for the "Double 50" high-yield oil new varieties of rapeseed, and a professor at Southwest University, officially announced the good news at the meeting.

  "Zhongyouza 501" was developed by the team of Academician Wang Hanzhong from the Oil Plants Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences under the stable support of the innovative project of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, after years of research and breeding. Inverted, anti-cracking angle, suitable for mechanized harvesting and other advantages.

The planting density of rapeseed per mu has been increased from 15,000 to 30,000.

The oil production (that is, the product of unit yield and oil content) is as high as 211.57 kilograms per mu, marking a major breakthrough in the core technology of the green revolution in my country's rapeseed industry.

  This variety has ranked first in the national rapeseed new variety test for two consecutive years, with an oil content as high as 50.38%. It is the variety with the highest oil content in the national new variety test, and its quality is better than the international double-low standard.

  According to reports, at present, the planting density of large-scale production of rapeseed in my country is relatively low, only about 15,000 plants per mu, which restricts the high-yield potential of density-tolerant varieties.

The national average yield of rapeseed is only 138.5 kg per mu, the oil content is 43%, and the average oil yield is only 59.6 kg per mu.

  At present, my country's dependence on foreign edible vegetable oil is as high as 70%, and the source of imports is highly concentrated, and the security of supply faces huge risks.

Rapeseed is the largest oil crop in my country, accounting for about 50% of domestic edible oil, and occupies a core position in ensuring the safety of edible oil supply in my country.

  Experts at the meeting said that vigorously cultivating and promoting "Zhongyouza 501" and other new varieties of rapeseed with high density, high yield and high oil resistance suitable for mechanization and its supporting high-yield technology for dense planting are expected to lead a new green revolution in the rapeseed industry and achieve oil production per unit area. multiply.

  Li Gana believes that the oil content of "Zhongyouza 501" is over 50%, reaching the level of imported rapeseed.