China News Agency, Baise, Guangxi, May 11 (Yang Chen, Chen Qiuxia) The water body of the Fenshuitun section of the Leli River in Xinning Village, Leli Town, Baise, Guangxi was found to be red by the public on the 10th.

The Propaganda Department of the Tianlin County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China reported on the 11th that the source of the abnormal water color has been initially found and cut off. Through orderly disposal, the current section of the abnormal water color has been significantly shortened.

  The Leli River is a tributary of the Baoai reach of the main stream of the Yujiang River, a tributary of the Xijiang River of the Pearl River System.

In Tianlin County, the river is 83.5 kilometers long, with a drainage area of ​​875.3 square kilometers.

  According to the person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Tianlin County Party Committee, after receiving the report on the morning of the 10th, the local area has launched an emergency plan, quickly carried out disposal work, and informed the residents of Yanhe villages to prohibit the use of river water and conduct water quality sampling and inspection.

Guangxi Department of Ecology and Environment, Baise Municipal Party Committee and Municipal People's Government immediately dispatched a working group to Tianlin to guide the disposal work.

  At 18:30 on the 10th, the authorities initially found and cut off the source of the abnormal color of the water body, and the water bodies were not affected.

After testing, in addition to the color of the water being infrared, the acute toxicity of water organisms, chemical oxygen demand, heavy metals and other indicators are all within the normal range.

  On the morning of the 11th, the abnormal water color of some sections of the Leli River has been dealt with in an orderly manner. The abnormal water color section has been significantly shortened, and the water safety of the people along the line is guaranteed.

At present, the remaining water bodies with abnormal colors are being processed.