China News Service, Guiyang, May 10 (Yuewang Taoke) The reporter learned from the Guizhou Provincial Industrial Investment Promotion Leading Group Office (Guizhou Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau) on the 10th that Guizhou officially released the "2022 Guizhou Provincial Key Industry Investment Promotion Heat". Figure" and "2022 Guizhou Province Investment Heat Map of Key Industries", aiming to help enterprises invest in Guizhou more accurately and effectively.

  "2022 Guizhou Province Key Industries Investment Heat Map" is based on the spatial and industrial dimensions, and according to the "14th Five-Year" industrial planning of Guizhou Province and each city (state), it comprehensively displays the industrial development overview, development direction, industrial spatial layout and "Tenth Five-Year Plan". Four or five" development goals, etc., the darker the color of the investment promotion heat map, the stronger the investment promotion intensity.

Among them, modern energy, sauce wine, new building materials, modern engineering, advanced equipment manufacturing, basic materials and other industries are the key investment industries in Guizhou Province.

  The "Investment Heat Map of Key Industries in Guizhou Province in 2022" combines the development status of relevant key industries in Guizhou Province with the maps of cities (prefectures), counties (cities, districts) and parks in the province. Comprehensive judgment.

Drawing by Guizhou Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau

  The industry investment heat map and industry investment heat map released this time are to summarize and absorb the advantages of the investment promotion manuals from many places, with investors' needs as the core, and light paper, concise content, and clear investment modules as the guide, comprehensive and concise. It directly reflects the general development and industrial layout of key industries in Guizhou.

  The release of the industry investment heat map and industry investment heat map aims to shorten the distance between Guizhou and investors, so that investors can understand the development status and development plans of key industries more efficiently and conveniently, and promote more high-quality projects and industry chains. The precise matching of resources will truly allow customers to "have a picture in hand, and Guizhou's investment will let me go", and help the high-quality development of Guizhou's economy.

  Based on the concept and perspective of industry-targeted investment promotion, the Guizhou Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau systematically sorts out the relevant local "industrial chain panorama" and compiles Form the development status and development plans of key industries, present them in a "heat map", clarify the precise investment promotion path, draw a "panorama of the industrial chain", and change the "carpet-type investment promotion" into "map-type investment promotion".

  Ma Lei, Director of the Leading Group Office of Guizhou Provincial Industrial Investment Promotion Work, Director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, and Director of the Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau, said that Guizhou will continue to build the "Noble Service" brand and build a first-class development environment, investment environment, and business environment.

At the same time, vigorously promote the construction of open channels, focus on building the main channel between Guizhou and Guangdong, accelerate the construction of the new land-sea channel in the west, actively promote the construction of ports, improve the logistics and transportation system, and promote more Guizhou enterprises and products to go global.