China News Service, Nanning, May 10 (Huang Yulinhao) The Guangxi Development and Reform Commission introduced on the 10th that in order to further consolidate the growth momentum of the industrial economy, promote the sustained and steady growth of the industrial economy, and promote the high-quality development of the industry, the committee recently took the lead in conjunction with 12 departments Jointly issued the "Guangxi Boosting Industrial Economic Operation and Promoting High-quality Industrial Development Task List in 2022" (hereinafter referred to as the "Task List"), and proposed to focus on the implementation of 46 policy measures to ensure the stable growth of the industrial economy this year.

  According to reports, the "Task List" focuses on the implementation of detailed implementation of the 18 new policies issued by the state to promote the steady growth of the industrial economy, combined with the current implementation of Guangxi's tough battle to stabilize industry and maintain operations, energy conservation and carbon reduction in key areas, and optimization of the business environment. Absorb relevant detailed measures issued by various departments in Guangxi, and use real money to serve the development of enterprises.

  Specifically, Guangxi will strengthen organizational guarantees, focus on strengthening the overall coordination of industrial economic operations, precise scheduling and monitoring, and establishing and improving tracking, supervision, and incentive mechanisms. It proposes to issue quarterly policies and measures to stabilize the industry. District) to carry out regular assessments on indicators such as total industrial investment, industrial investment growth rate, and manufacturing investment proportion, and implement relevant tasks and measures for regular incentives.

  In terms of ensuring the smooth circulation of the industrial economy, Guangxi will focus on ensuring energy and power supply, do a good job in increasing coal mine production and supply, speed up the construction of a number of major power projects, and continue to ensure gas supply for oil and gas companies, so as to get through the blockages.

  In order to tap the potential of demand and expand the market space of the industrial economy, Guangxi will focus on industrial investment, promoting consumption and cultivating new kinetic energy, etc., to accelerate the construction of major projects, promote technological transformation of enterprises, cultivate new business forms and new models, and pay attention to promotion fees in key areas. Improve the level of foreign capital utilization and cultivate new momentum for foreign trade growth.

  In addition, Guangxi will strengthen policy support, improve industrial economic security measures, focus on ensuring the reasonable land use, energy use, environmental impact assessment and other preliminary work of industrial enterprises, as well as labor, financial support and other needs, strengthen land use guarantees, solve labor problems, and improve dual energy consumption control. policies, implement energy conservation and carbon reduction actions, and optimize the EIA approval process.

  Guangxi will also focus on reducing the burden on enterprises, strengthen the implementation of tax incentives, help enterprises with bailout policies, introduce a major action plan to optimize the business environment, and accelerate the promotion of "Internet + government services".