Overseas Network, May 11.

According to a report by CBS, on the 10th local time, major retailers such as Target, Seavis Health and Walbo United said that due to supply shortages, they are restricting American consumers from purchasing infants and young children. formula milk powder.

  Earlier, American milk powder supplier Abbott recalled a batch of infant formula milk powder in February after customers complained that the bacteria in the milk powder exceeded the standard.

Affected by this, Walgreens and Sivis Health began to limit the sales of infant formula in stores and online in March and April, respectively, and Target also restricted consumers from buying online for several weeks.

Abbott said on the 10th that it will solve the supply shortage problem by prioritizing production and air freight from Ireland.

  According to the data, Abbott Similac milk powder manufacturer, which is currently discontinued due to excessive bacteria, is the largest milk powder supplier in the United States, with a market share of 42% in 2021.

40% of infant formula in the U.S. were out of stock in April, exacerbated by a combination of poor supply chains, product recalls and historic inflation, said Ben Rich, CEO of a data firm.

(Overseas Network Wang Xiaoyu)