Maotai, which was finally grabbed, "flyed"!

  A few days ago, a number of users reported that after they successfully subscribed for Moutai liquor on the i Moutai APP, the online payment always showed that the network was abnormal and they could not pay, and the order was eventually cancelled after the payment timed out.

  In response to the above situation encountered by consumers, on May 10, iMoutai issued an apology statement saying that due to the congestion of the payment channel on the evening of May 9, some users' orders could not be paid smoothly, and the payment failed to cancel the order. User apologizes.

If the payment fails and the order is cancelled, the store will coordinate with the store to contact the user as soon as possible.

  After the above-mentioned apology statement was released, it quickly became a hot topic on the hot search list.

i Moutai payment channel "traffic jam"

  On the evening of May 9, many users who participated in the subscription on iMoutai were in great moods.

  A user said that after receiving the successful SMS message from the iMoutai APP, the online payment always showed that the network was abnormal and the payment could not be made. During the period, he failed to contact the customer service for many times.

Since the online payment time of the App is only 30 minutes, the order can only be cancelled if the payment is overtime.

Therefore, many people were forced to cancel their orders that night, and watched as Maotai "flyed".

  According to Moutai customer service staff, because the i Moutai APP has not been online for a long time, the number of people snapping up Moutai is relatively large, resulting in the system sometimes running slowly.

"At around 6 o'clock last night, the system crashed, and many consumers who successfully subscribed for Maotai could not successfully pay through the APP."

 iMoutai APP downloads soar

  i Moutai is Moutai's new e-commerce platform. From March 31 to May 19, i Moutai conducted a 50-day trial operation.

During the trial operation stage, consumers can make an appointment to purchase the latest 4 products on iMoutai every day.

  As a highly sought-after product, the opening of the online subscription platform for Moutai has triggered a download frenzy among users.

It is reported that on the first day of the trial run, i Moutai released a total of 26,328 bottles of Moutai products, with more than 2.29 million people and 6.22 million people participating in the subscription; by April 18, i Moutai released a total of 25,041 bottles of Moutai products, with a total of more than 2.8 million people and 7.30 million people. Thousands of people participated in the subscription.

  The latest data from a third-party statistical platform shows that in the list of popular apps downloaded in April, iMoutai, a newcomer to the list, performed exceptionally well.

In April, the cumulative download volume exceeded 5 million, ranking sixth in the download list of the month, and its popularity was close to that of Douyin, Tencent Conference and other applications, becoming a "monthly dark horse" application.

  It is worth noting that despite the staggering number of APP downloads and registrations, it is not easy to grab Moutai.

  On April 29, Ding Xiongjun, chairman of Kweichow Moutai, revealed at the 2021 and 2022 first quarter performance briefings that since its launch, in less than a month, the iMoutai APP has accumulated more than 200 million appointments, and appointments are made every day. There were more than 7 million visitors, a total of 770,000 bottles of wine were put in, and the sales revenue reached 1.188 billion yuan.

This also means that the percentage of successful purchases by consumers is only 0.39%.

  Regarding the popularity of the subscription, Ding Xiongjun laughed at the meeting and said that he had to swipe i Moutai every day, but he did not subscribe, nor did the general manager of Moutai Group.

  In the eyes of industry insiders, i Moutai is another new measure to promote the reform of Moutai's marketing system since Ding Xiongjun took office, which has given the market more confidence in Moutai's reform of direct sales channels.

Some institutions predict that after "i Moutai" has accumulated operating experience, there is a high probability that it will be launched at a fair price, which may profoundly affect the price system of Moutai, enhance Moutai's online sales capabilities, and change the distribution pattern of Moutai's circulation benefits to a certain extent. , and then improve Maotai's profit system.