Last year's financial results of major trading companies showed record profits for all seven companies against the backdrop of rising resource prices.

However, in Russia-related businesses, where economic sanctions are imposed due to the military invasion of Ukraine, losses were recorded one after another.

According to the financial results of last year announced by seven major trading companies by the 10th, the final profit of the entire group is ▽ "Mitsubishi Corporation" 5.4 times the previous year, 937.5 billion yen, ▽ "Mitsui & Co." 2.7 times to 914.7 billion yen, ▽ "Itochu Corporation" doubled to 820.2 billion yen.

In addition, ▽ "Sumitomo Corporation", which was in the red in the previous year, turned into the black, and ▽ "Marubeni", ▽ "Toyota Tsusho", and ▽ "Sojitz" also saw a significant increase in profits, and all seven companies We set a new record high.

This is mainly due to the rise in prices of resources such as crude oil and coal due to the recovery of the world economy from the Korona-ka and the tightening of the situation in Ukraine, as well as the depreciation of the yen boosting profits.

However, in Russia-related businesses, which are subject to strict economic sanctions from Europe and the United States, ▽ the oil and natural gas development business reduces the value of assets such as stocks held, and ▽ the aircraft leasing business records a loss. There were a lot of trading companies doing this.

Mitsubishi Corporation President Katsuya Nakanishi, who invests in the oil and natural gas development project "Sakhalin 2" in the Far East of Russia, said, "The importance of stable energy supply and the impact on Japan's economy and society are comprehensive. I would like to take appropriate measures in consideration of this, "he said, and expressed his intention to continue the business.