How big is the market for DIY hair coloring?

  Summer is here, and many beauty-loving girls plan to change their hair color and mood.

Many people no longer go to the barber shop, but fall in love with the hair dye they bought and DIY their hair at home.

On the e-commerce platform, the monthly sales of various hair dyes are nearly 100,000; on the social platform, there are nearly 2 million notes, and millions of netizens share their DIY hair dyeing experience online.

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News trainee reporter Wang Can

  Opening the express package, the young barista Xiao Li took out the newly bought hair dye.

This is a linen brown-brown hair dye. The reason why Xiao Li, who has dark and thick hair, bought it, was simply because he felt that his black hair was too boring and wanted to try a different look.

The special men's hair dye is not so rich in color, so he chose the women's style, and bought a few more boxes to use with his girlfriend.

The price of a box of hair dye Xiao Li bought is 72 yuan/60ml, and one box is enough for him to dye his short hair twice.

  Before the official operation, Xiao Li searched for hair dyeing tutorials on the Internet, and now he has become an "expert".

"Pour the hair dye into a special box, put on gloves, pick up a brush, and apply the hair dye away from the top of your head. If you want a more even effect, you can reapply after half an hour, then take out the plastic wrap Wrap the hair and leave it for another half an hour. After that, you can go to wash the hair." However, what made Xiao Li laugh and cry was that his pillow was also dyed, which was a little difficult to wash off.

  There are not a few young people like Xiao Li who choose to dye their hair by themselves. After all, going to a barber shop to dye their hair takes a long time, but the price is often a few hundred yuan.

The cost of dyeing your own hair is low, and you can often change your hair color, which is too attractive for young people who like freshness.

Searching for "dye your own hair" on the social platform Xiaohongshu, there are nearly 2 million notes, and millions of netizens share online DIY hair dyeing experience, experience in hair dyeing, how to choose hair color, and evaluation of hair dye ingredients.

A search for the topic of "hair dyeing" on Sina Weibo resulted in a total of 430 million views and 505,000 discussions.

  In addition to common hair dyes and hair dyes, bubble hair dyes are also popular among young people.

This foam hair dye is more convenient to operate, as long as the extruded foam is spread evenly on the hair, and after washing, drying, and drying, you can get a new hair color.

A reporter from the Yangzi Evening News noticed that there are really many colors of hair dyes now.

Take a certain brand of bubble hair dye as an example, there are trendy colors such as Provence rose, milk tea brown, navy blue, smoke gray and so on.

Another well-known brand of hair dye includes misty tea brown, vanilla honey tea, smoky purple ash, sunset dirty orange, vintage berry and other colors that sound beautiful.

There are many "fans" of these hair dyes. Many products sell nearly 100,000 pieces per month, and some products sell 13 million boxes.

  According to the "2021 Shampoo and Hair Care Category Trend Report" released by the First Financial Business Data Center, from 2018 to 2020, the post-95s generation has the highest consumption scale and growth rate in the Tmall hair dyeing market.

In terms of color, trendy colors such as literary brown, sweet and cool gray, and flamboyant pink are on the hair color hot search list of the post-90s and post-95s. It is not impossible to choose a difficult hair color for a month.

According to the previous estimate of the China Business Industry Research Institute, the market size of my country's hair dyeing industry will exceed the 20 billion yuan mark in 2021.