Fiscal and taxation policies help foreign trade companies develop steadily

  Reporter Wang Guan Qu Zhehan

  Foreign trade connects two domestic and international markets and two resources.

The improvement of foreign trade can better smooth the domestic circulation, promote the domestic and international dual circulation, and play an important role in building a new development pattern.

The finance and taxation departments continue to improve policies and optimize services, help foreign trade enterprises to actively seek changes and respond actively, and promote the simultaneous increase and stable development of my country's foreign trade in quantity and quality.

Online application of export tax rebates to ease the pressure on corporate cash flow

  "The export tax rebate of more than 8 million yuan came in time." said Lai Qiujin, the financial director of Xingying Digital Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

  Xingying Digital Technology is a computer motherboard manufacturer mainly engaged in export business. At the beginning of this year, affected by the foreign market, the company's orders were reduced, and the production capacity was only maintained within 70%.

"The company's performance is not good, and the cash flow is tight, which affects normal production. Thanks to this tax rebate, the company can tide over the difficulties." Lai Qiujin said.

  Funding is the lifeblood of a business.

In order to help the development of foreign trade enterprises, the finance and taxation departments implemented the export tax rebate policy and continued to optimize the export tax rebate management.

In 2020, the state will increase the export tax rebate rate of 1,464 products, and the tax department will strengthen publicity and guidance and accurate promotion. By the end of 2021, a total of 94,000 enterprises have benefited from this policy, with a cumulative tax rebate of 37.7 billion yuan, which further enhances competitiveness and Anti-stress.

In 2021, the State Administration of Taxation will take the opportunity of the integration and optimization of the export tax rebate information system to greatly simplify and optimize the tax rebate declaration form materials and tax processing procedures, so as to make the export tax rebate management system more comprehensive, process optimized, rights and responsibilities clearer, and operation more efficient .

  One afternoon in March, Zhang Qian, a tax officer of Xinjiang Kaimei International Trade Co., Ltd., who received a text message prompting the receipt of the tax refund, was very surprised: "So fast!"

  Zhang Qian told reporters that as a first-class export tax rebate enterprise, the company has quickly processed 40 million yuan of export tax rebate through the "online" channel of the tax department since this year, which provides an important financial guarantee for subsequent market development and is conducive to reducing the company's cash flow. flow turnover pressure.

  "The process of handling export tax rebates is very transparent now, with paperless declarations and the whole process being done online. From submitting the application to completing the export tax rebate data review, it can be done without leaving home." Zhang Qian said.

  "We carry out classification and time-limited management of foreign trade enterprises, especially to provide green tax processing channels for enterprises such as export tax rebates, and implement priority processing, so that enterprises can obtain tax rebates faster." Urumqi City Taxation Bureau Import and Export Tax Management Section Chief Mao Lifu said.

  In recent years, the State Administration of Taxation has continued to expand the coverage of paperless declarations, greatly reducing the declaration burden of export enterprises.

At present, the number of enterprises that make paperless declarations in the country accounts for more than 90%, and the tax refund (exemption) for paperless declarations accounts for more than 95%. The State Administration of Taxation is working with relevant departments to study and launch supporting measures such as further improving the convenience of export tax refunds. In 2022 During the year, the average processing time for normal tax refunds will be reduced to 6 working days.

  Local tax departments are actively exploring to make tax refund declaration more convenient and service better.

The taxation department of Xiamen City explores the hierarchical and classified management of export tax rebate enterprises; the taxation department of Chongqing Municipality and SIPG launched the "Tax Port Link" export tax rebate service system, which simplifies the processing process and paper materials; the taxation department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region uses tax big data to pass The “point-to-point” push via SMS, telephone, and e-tax bureau reminds enterprises that they should leave as soon as possible and leave early; the Shanxi Provincial Taxation Department continues to update the export tax rebate policy compilation and answer questions on hot issues, so as to provide enterprises with one-to-one policy consultation and guidance.

Special subsidies are strong, helping foreign trade enterprises to develop their internal skills

  Headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang, Veken Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a diversified industrial investment and operation group engaged in import and export trade, manufacturing and brand operation.

Affected by multiple impacts such as the continuation of the global new crown pneumonia epidemic, weakened external demand, and substantial increase in trade costs, the company's operations are facing many difficulties.

  "The support of fiscal, taxation and financial policies in recent years is very strong." The relevant person in charge of the group introduced that in 2020 and 2021, the group will receive incremental subsidies for import and export, export credit insurance subsidies, special subsidies for international trade, exhibition subsidies, e-commerce subsidies, etc. The total amount exceeds 10 million yuan; the central and local technological transformation and special subsidy funds amount to 35 million yuan, which are used for the transformation and upgrading of the automation production line of the group's subsidiaries, and the construction of intelligent manufacturing MES and data integration systems.

"The precise policy support has helped us to stabilize our position, practice our internal strength, continuously optimize the industrial structure, cultivate new growth points, and enhance the confidence of enterprise development."

  Local financial departments have taken multiple measures to support the development of foreign trade.

In Liaoning, the provincial finance will allocate 68 million yuan in 2021 to reward and subsidize cities with advanced investment promotion work, and reward high-quality projects for multinational companies to increase capital in Liaoning. Product import distribution center and foreign trade transformation and upgrading base, create national economic development zones, cultivate a group of provincial economic development zones...

  During the epidemic prevention and control period, a series of policies to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment were launched early and achieved quick results.

In March 2020, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued a document, clearly making good use of the special funds for foreign trade and economic development, and fully supporting and stabilizing the fundamentals of foreign trade and foreign investment.

In August 2020, the General Office of the State Council issued a document to make arrangements for further stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment, emphasizing that the role of the National Financing Guarantee Fund and local government financing guarantee institutions should be brought into full play, and the reduction of taxes and fees for labor-intensive enterprises would be enhanced. Inclusive policy support for stabilizing jobs and employment, electricity and water consumption, etc.

  "In response to the impact of the epidemic, the fiscal and taxation policies to stabilize foreign trade have been stronger and more targeted, especially the introduction of tax and fee reduction policies, accelerated export tax rebates, and optimized tax services, which have played an important role in the survival and development of small, medium and micro foreign trade enterprises. Some provinces have implemented precise policies around optimizing the industrial chain and supply chain and promoting enterprises to go global to carry out international production capacity cooperation, and have achieved obvious results.” said Shi Hua, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences.

Helping and implementing precise policies to promote the development of new forms of foreign trade and new models

  "Currently, foreign trade companies are generally under pressure from two aspects: First, the prices of bulk commodities are rising rapidly, sea freight is still at a high level, and the raw material costs, logistics costs, and sales costs faced by enterprises remain high; second, the current global epidemic is still ongoing, and the international environment has become more It is becoming more complex and severe, and the export of high-growth products in the early stage is also facing the problem of insufficient growth potential." Quartz Hua said.

  Jiang Zhen, an associate researcher at the Institute of Financial and Economic Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that fiscal and taxation policies play an important role in promoting the innovative development of foreign trade enterprises and serving the high-quality development of my country's foreign trade.

It is not only necessary to increase financial support and continuously optimize tax services, but also to study new policies according to the new situation and new problems, and promote the better development of new formats and models of foreign trade.

  ——"Tolerance for shortages" solves the urgent difficulties of enterprises.

  "At the beginning of last year, we expanded our business scope and started exporting electric vehicles, which is the first time we contacted the export tax rebate business." What Liu Jie, the financial director of Beijing Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., did not expect was that when applying for export tax rebates, tax personnel would provide online business guidance throughout the process. , Reminder of matters needing attention, the handling process is simple and easy, and the speed of tax refund is also very fast.

  Liu Jie told reporters that according to the normal process, their company's first export tax rebate can only be processed after on-site inspection by the tax department. However, in order to ease the pressure on business operations during the epidemic, the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau has handled their tax rebate declarations within the limit according to "accommodating vacancies". "Mechanism to deal with, and follow-up to do on-site verification, so that tax refunds can reach the hands of enterprises faster.

  ——Optimize policies to help the development of cross-border e-commerce.

  At the beginning of this year, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Doing a Good Job in Cross-Cycle Adjustment and Further Stabilizing Foreign Trade", which proposed to further play the leading role of overseas warehouses, further adjust and optimize the list of cross-border e-commerce retail imported goods, and expand import categories. Provide financing support to small and micro foreign trade enterprises by means of "re-loan + policy financing", etc., focusing on helping enterprises to bail out, especially supporting the steady development of small and medium foreign trade enterprises.

  At present, qualified cross-border e-commerce exporting overseas warehouse enterprises can apply for tax rebates in accordance with the current export tax rebate management regulations.

  Local financial departments innovated support models to facilitate the development of cross-border e-commerce.

Guangxi Finance vigorously supports the construction of Nanning and Chongzuo cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones, innovates the cross-border e-commerce customs clearance mechanism, and promotes the construction of "cross-border e-commerce + international transport" logistics channels.

In January this year, the comprehensive bonded zone in the core park of the Nanning Comprehensive Pilot Zone achieved a year-on-year increase of 289% in the import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce.

  The export volume increased by 335.25% year-on-year.

In Quanzhou, Fujian, the municipal finance has strengthened capital coordination and supported the construction of cross-border e-commerce online public service platforms through operation and maintenance funding subsidies. Since 2019, the municipal finance has invested a total of 30 million yuan in subsidies to support e-commerce development.

  Recently, 10 departments including the State Administration of Taxation issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Support for Export Tax Rebates to Promote the Stable Development of Foreign Trade", focusing on three aspects: further increasing the policy support for helping enterprises, improving the convenience of tax refund processing, and optimizing the business environment of export enterprises. 15 measures were proposed.

  Jiang Zhen believes that the timely introduction of relevant measures by the finance and taxation departments will help further ease the operating difficulties of foreign trade enterprises and promote the stable development of imports and exports.

To better assist foreign trade enterprises to cope with new challenges and seize new opportunities, relevant departments should strengthen policy coordination and ensure that various policies and measures are implemented and effective as soon as possible.