25 construction tasks to promote the development of the county (Rui Finance and Economics)

  Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting Urbanization Construction with County Towns as Important Carriers" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). , specific tasks, policy guarantees, etc. have made a comprehensive and systematic deployment, and promoting the construction of county towns is of great significance to promoting the construction of new urbanization and building a new type of urban-rural relationship between workers and farmers.

  target the problem

  According to the data, by the end of 2021, the resident population of county towns in 1,472 counties in China will be around 160 million, and the urban resident population of 394 county-level cities will be around 90 million. %, counties and county-level cities account for about 65% of county-level administrative divisions.

"Promoting the construction of county towns is conducive to guiding the urbanization of the agricultural relocated population nearby, and improving the spatial layout of urbanization for the coordinated development of large, medium and small cities and small towns." The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission said.

  At present, the development of counties in China is still facing a certain degree of constraints.

The person in charge said frankly that many county towns have relatively weak industrial platform functions and unsound supporting facilities. In terms of municipal public facilities, there are also problems such as outdated and aging pipeline networks, insufficient road network capacity, and poor supporting facilities in old communities, which reduces the number of county towns. The carrying capacity and attractiveness of the population.

  In this regard, the "Opinions" put forward 25 construction tasks in 5 aspects, including cultivating the characteristic and advantageous industries of the county, improving the municipal facility system, strengthening the supply of public services, improving the quality of the living environment, and promoting the connection and complementation of county and rural functions, and clarified the development goal: by 2025 In 2018, important progress was made in the urbanization construction with the county seat as an important carrier, the weak points of the county seat were further supplemented and strengthened, and a group of county seats with good location advantages and industrial foundation, strong resource and environmental carrying capacity, and better economic conditions for agglomeration of population The construction has achieved remarkable results, the allocation of public resources has basically matched the size of the permanent resident population, the characteristic and advantageous industries have developed and expanded, the municipal facilities have been basically completed, the public services have been improved in an all-round way, the living environment has been effectively improved, the comprehensive carrying capacity has been significantly enhanced, and the scale of farmers moving to the county to find jobs and settle down continues to grow. With the expansion, the quality of life of residents in the county has been significantly improved.

  "The construction tasks proposed in the "Opinions" not only highlight the shortcomings and weaknesses of the county, but also emphasize the injection of lasting momentum into the development of the county. Wang Dawei, deputy director of the Business Environment Development Promotion Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, said.

  Classification guide, clear path

  The number of counties is large, the types are many, and the development paths are different.

The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission said that it is necessary to respect the development law of the county, comply with the changing trend of population flow in the county, based on the carrying capacity of resources and environment, location conditions, industrial foundation, and functional positioning, coordinate the production, life, ecology, and safety needs of the county, and reasonably determine different types of The development path of the county.

  The first is to accelerate the development of county towns around big cities, support the integration of county towns located in urban agglomerations and metropolitan circles into the construction of adjacent big cities, and develop into satellite county towns with convenient commuting, complementary functions and supporting industries with adjacent big cities.

  The second is to actively cultivate professional function county towns.

"County towns with better resource endowments, industrial base, and transportation conditions can rely on their own advantages to develop characteristic pillar industries, and are an important carrier for absorbing agricultural transfer population to local and nearby urbanization." Gao Guoli, director of the China Urban and Small Town Reform and Development Center It is believed that it is necessary to support such county towns to give full play to their professional expertise, develop into counties with professional functions such as advanced manufacturing, trade circulation, cultural tourism, etc., and support border counties to improve infrastructure.

  The third is to rationally develop the main producing areas and counties of agricultural products.

Gao Guoli said that it is necessary to promote the agglomeration of such counties to develop secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas, to extend the agricultural industry chain, to optimize and strengthen the agricultural product processing industry and agricultural production service industry, and to absorb more agricultural migrants within the county, so as to effectively serve the "three rural areas". ”, to provide support to ensure food security.

  Fourth, the orderly development of key ecological function areas and counties provides support for the protection and restoration of the ecological environment and the construction of ecological security barriers.

  The fifth is to guide the transformation and development of counties with population loss.

Gao Guoli said that it is necessary to promote the population-losing counties to strictly control the increase of urban construction land, revitalize the stock, promote the appropriate concentration of population and public service resources, and strengthen people's livelihood security and assistance.

  Scientific and orderly, perfect mechanism

  The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission said that the construction of the county should reasonably grasp the timing, rhythm and steps, focus on solving the key and difficult problems in the construction of the county, improve the system, mechanism and policy measures such as population, capital, and land, and enhance the sustainable development of the county.

  Improve the urbanization mechanism of agricultural transfer population.

The person in charge said that it is necessary to treat the migrant population with stable employment and life as the same as the local agricultural transfer population, to ensure that the newly settled population and county residents enjoy the same public services; establish and improve the mechanism for linking financial transfer payments below the provincial level with the urbanization of agricultural transfer population, provincial The following mechanisms are linked to the increase in the scale of urban construction land and the number of people who have been transferred from agriculture.

  Establish a diversified and sustainable investment and financing mechanism.

"Strengthen the investment of local financial funds for public welfare projects, and eligible projects can be supported through investment in the central budget and local government special bonds." The person in charge said, "The targeted public welfare projects and business projects are encouraged to increase medium and long-term loans. , to support eligible enterprises to issue special corporate bonds for the new urbanization construction of county towns.”

  Establish an intensive and efficient construction land utilization mechanism to ensure the normal land demand for county construction.

In the construction of county towns, it is an effective way to go ahead with demonstration areas.

"Since 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission has organized, together with various regions and departments, to carry out county construction demonstrations in some counties and county-level cities with solid development foundations, strong financial strength and low government debt ratios." The person in charge said that during the demonstration On the basis of the work, the typical experience and effective practices will be summarized and promoted in a timely manner, and the construction of other county towns will be promoted in a steady and orderly manner, so as to form an effective path for urbanization construction with the county town as an important carrier.

  Gao Guoli believes that to promote the development of the county in a scientific and orderly manner, we should also strengthen planning and guidance, explore unique advantages, and coordinate development and security.

"It is necessary to scientifically formulate and improve the construction plan, and in accordance with the principle of 'make up for what is missing', clarify the construction priorities, safeguard measures, and organization and implementation methods, accurately fill in shortcomings and weaknesses, and prevent blind duplication of construction."

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