China News Service, Shanghai, May 7 (Reporter Chen Jing) At the press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Shanghai held on the 7th, Chen Qun, vice mayor of Shanghai, said that the education department is trying to promote the Employment, including: launching strong graduate employment promotion policies; strengthening online recruitment and job recruitment; and optimizing employment services and career guidance.

  Chen Qun called on employers, especially enterprises, to adjust the original recruitment procedures according to the actual situation, reduce the requirements for the duration of internships, and sign agreements with students as soon as possible.

He said bluntly: "This is especially important for graduates of our vocational schools."

  It is reported that there are 227,000 college graduates in Shanghai this year, an increase of 20,000 over last year, the largest increase in five years.

Chen Qun said that as of May 6, the implementation rate of graduation destination was 36.47%, 10.03 percentage points higher than the same period in 2020 and 6.54 percentage points lower than the same period last year.

  The deputy mayor also said that in the face of the relatively severe employment situation, he hoped that graduates could reasonably adjust their expectations, establish the concept of "employment first, then employment and development first", shorten the period of hesitation, and achieve employment and entrepreneurship. Be more proactive.

"We will definitely mobilize all forces and do our best to create good conditions for everyone's employment, especially in Shanghai," he said.

  It is reported that recently, 11 departments have jointly issued documents to promote the employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates, and they have made clear the employment and entrepreneurship promotion measures such as grass-roots policy positions, corporate tax relief and social security subsidies, and entrepreneurial loan concessions. Many of them are very powerful. support policy.

The recruitment plan of state-owned enterprises in Shanghai and districts this year will arrange for no less than 50% of the positions to recruit graduates from Shanghai colleges and universities.

In addition, Shanghai will also meet the needs of talent introduction in key regions such as the Pilot Free Trade Zone and the construction of five new cities, strengthen coordination and services, and expand more job resources for fresh graduates.

  Since March, a number of online recruitment activities have been launched in Shanghai, districts and universities. Among them, online job fairs for graduates organized at the municipal level have provided more than 200,000 jobs, and a series of online recruitment activities have been held. It will continue until the end of August, continuously push high-quality positions, and strive to reduce the adverse impact of offline recruitment not being carried out normally.

All colleges and universities have carried out the special action of secretaries and principals "visiting enterprises to expand jobs and promote employment", mobilizing tutors and counselors to participate in graduate employment, integrating all forces, and expanding job resources. All schools will also focus on employment difficulties, especially those infected The students of the university will carry out employment guidance in a targeted manner to provide more powerful support and guarantee for graduates' employment and entrepreneurship.

Chen Qun said that the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission is also connecting with the employment departments of other provinces and cities, seeking their support, and asking them to provide more online recruitment opportunities and job resources for college graduates in Shanghai.

  Relevant departments have connected the employment service of college graduates to the "Government Cloud", and launched the "Student Employment Service One Thing" application on the "One-stop Service" platform. Graduates can obtain employment information, check the recruitment progress, and complete the Network contract.

  It is reported that March to May each year is a critical period for completing graduation thesis, graduation design, preparing for defense and looking for a job. The current round of epidemic has disrupted the original rhythm and adversely affected the graduation and employment of college students.

Chen Qun said that now, colleges and universities in Shanghai have generally shifted to a state of quasi-closed management, and the education department has issued work reminders to schools, requiring them to implement grid management and effectively prevent and control the epidemic while doing their best. Do our best to create conditions for students to complete the thesis, graduation project and hold a defense. At the same time, we must draw out special and sufficient strength to do a good job in supporting the employment and entrepreneurship of graduates.