In 2021, 847,880 end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) were scrapped, reports

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This figure represents around 2,300 vehicles destroyed every day, either because they were no longer roadworthy or as part of the conversion bonus.

It also corresponds to half of registrations in 2021 (1.69 million).

The typical ELV profile?

A diesel vehicle about 20 years old and of French brand.

Thus, the Renault Mégane (87,118 destructions) was the most destroyed model in 2021 ahead of the Renault Clio (78,930) and the Peugeot 206 (44,797).

The first foreign model in 9th place

Then come the Citroën Xsara (34,146), the Renault Twingo (28,438), the Laguna (26,794), the Peugeot 307 (25,683) and its little sister the 306 (21,906).

The first foreign model is the Opel Corsa in 9th place, ahead of the Volkswagen Golf and the Ford Fiesta.

The share of vehicles from the conversion bonus remains minimal with 114,737 vehicles that ended up scrapped, i.e. 13.5% of all ELVs in 2021. 900,000 bonuses have been distributed in five years by the government to encourage the purchase of own vehicles.


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