The number of hotel rooms in the emirate was recorded at the end of February of 139 thousand rooms

Occupying hotel apartments in Dubai to “pre-pandemic” levels

Five-star luxury hotel rooms captured 34% of the total market.


Data from the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai showed that medium-sized hotel apartments in the emirate recorded the highest occupancy rate, during the months of January and February 2022, at a rate of 83%, which is close to the levels recorded in the same period, before the "Corona" pandemic in January and February 2019 Occupancy at that time reached 85%, and the same percentage recorded in January and February of 2020.

According to the data obtained by "Emirates Today", the luxury apartments ranked second, in terms of occupancy performance, recording 81% during January and February of 2022, while hotel establishments achieved in total an occupancy rate of 78%, which is the highest since start of the pandemic.

She explained that hotels classified between one and three stars, in turn, recorded an occupancy rate of about 75%, compared to the same percentage for four-star hotels, and 75% for five-star hotel establishments.

Five-star luxury hotel rooms accounted for 34% of the total hotel market size in Dubai, registering 47,483 hotel rooms, within 144 hotel establishments, followed by four-star hotel rooms by 29%, registering 40,595 hotel rooms within 183 facilities.

For its part, hotels classified between three stars and one star accounted for about 18% of the total hotel market size, with a capacity of 25,414 hotel rooms, within 245 hotel establishments.

The number of hotel rooms in Dubai, at the end of last February, reached 139,069 hotel rooms, among 763 hotel establishments, compared to 129,20 rooms, among 712 establishments at the end of February 2021.

During the months of last January and February, Dubai received 2.19 million international tourists, compared to about 810,000 tourists in the same period in 2021, with a growth rate of more than 170 percent.

The number of nights (reserved rooms) reached 6.30 million nights, compared to 4.81 million nights in the corresponding period last year, a growth of about 40%.

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