China News Service, Beijing, May 4 (Reporter Zhou Yin) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China on the 4th that during the 5-day "May Day" holiday in 2022, 160 million domestic tourists will travel across the country, a year-on-year decrease of 30.2%. Comparable The caliber recovered to 66.8% of the same period before the epidemic; the domestic tourism revenue of 64.68 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) decreased by 42.9% year-on-year, and recovered to 44.0% of the same period before the epidemic.

  According to the data center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, this year's "May 1st" holiday, a total of 8,716 A-level tourist attractions across the country are normally open, accounting for 61.3% of the total number of A-level tourist attractions.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism launched 113 national rural tourism boutique routes of "Four Seasons Beautiful Scenery in the Countryside - Spring and Summer and All Things Show Together".

Fujian carried out the themed literary and artistic activities of "Spring Returns to the Blessed Land of Art," and launched more than 150 online and offline performances and exhibitions.

Xinjiang has held 120 tourism activities and 87 cultural and artistic activities in conjunction with the "Rouzi Festival".

Guizhou has arranged 10 million yuan of funds to issue 2022 colorful Guizhou cultural and tourism consumption coupons, and launched a series of preferential measures such as 50% off tickets for state-owned A-level tourist attractions and discounts on package tickets.

  The Ministry of Culture and Tourism stated that the dynamic adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies has had a greater impact on the tourism and leisure consumption of urban and rural residents nationwide.

The passenger flow of Jiuzhaigou Valley, Hangzhou West Lake and other scenic spots has dropped significantly compared with previous years.

The average occupancy rate of hotels in Sanya was 20.57%, a year-on-year decrease of over 60%.

Urban parks, open scenic spots, and surrounding villages in the suburbs carry the main leisure needs, and the leisure space of urban residents in the main source of tourists is transferred from the city to the surrounding area.

Flower outings, homestay vacations, intangible cultural heritage experiences, and camping in the countryside have become the mainstream of the market, and the popularity of leisure and self-driving tours for families and children continues unabated.

During the holiday, areas such as Hulunbuir Grassland Line, Hainan Island Circle Line, Gannan-Longnan Circle Line, Shangri-La, Guangdong Coast, Yizhao Highway, Qinggan Great Circle Line, Qiandao Lake and other areas are welcomed by self-driving enthusiasts with their unique natural scenery.

  In addition, under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, a large number of offline activities have been turned online. Henan launched "cloud exhibitions" and "cloud tourism" to hold a series of online performances.

The WeChat public account of "Anhui Cultural Tourism" launched an online special promotion campaign, allowing citizens to travel around the beautiful scenery of Jianghuai and experience the unique scenery of the Jianghuai land.

Many scenic spots in Beijing, Liaoning, Shaanxi and other places start live broadcasts through live broadcast platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, and guide tourists to "tour" through the "tour and commentary" method.