China News Service, Nanning, May 2 (Wang Yanhui, Song Jinwei, Gaoxia) Nanning Customs introduced that on May 1, the first day that the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement" (RCEP) came into effect for Myanmar, the customs subordinate Yongzhou Customs issued a Guangxi's first certificate of origin exported to Myanmar under RCEP.

  The certificate was applied for by Guangxi Jinmai Import and Export Co., Ltd. The goods are a batch of sodium saccharin exported to Myanmar, worth about 1 million yuan, and it is expected to enjoy a tariff discount of 10,000 yuan in Myanmar.

  According to Li Jing, manager of the foreign trade business department of Guangxi Jinmai Import and Export Co., Ltd., the company exports more than 70 million yuan of saccharin sodium to Myanmar every year, and its market share remains above 80%.

After the RCEP comes into effect in Myanmar, these goods will enjoy more preferential treatment, which is of great help to enhance the international competitiveness of the export products of enterprises.

  On the same day, the Friendship Pass, the largest land port on the Sino-Vietnamese border, also welcomed the first shipment of goods after RCEP came into effect in Myanmar. This shipment is textile fabrics worth about 120,000 yuan. Myanmar.

Customs officers inspect the exported plastic pipes on the Friendship Customs inspection platform. Photo courtesy of Nanning Customs

  Li Zhenglun, deputy section chief of the Customs Comprehensive Business Section of Friendship Customs, said that the entry into force of RCEP in Myanmar is a valuable market opportunity.

The customs will continue to increase policy publicity, actively guide enterprises to make good use of member states' tax reduction and regional origin accumulation rules, etc., to help enterprises seize the market opening opportunities brought by RCEP and fully enjoy the dividends released by the policy.

  Jiang Zhihuan, director of the Nanning Customs Tariff Department, also said that after analysis, after RCEP took effect in Myanmar, about 40 kinds of goods from Guangxi exported to Myanmar immediately dropped to zero, mainly focusing on motors, electrical equipment and their parts, as well as vehicles and their parts, Accessories, etc.

This will further enhance the level of trade facilitation and enhance the competitiveness of Guangxi's export products in overseas markets.

According to statistics, the total import and export volume of Guangxi to Myanmar in the first quarter of this year was about 190 million yuan.

  It is reported that since the implementation of RCEP, Nanning Customs has continued to strengthen policy guidance and services for enterprises, focusing on key development industries in Guangxi, and jointly issued the "Guangxi Export RCEP Zero Tariff Advantage Commodities List", Guangxi Import RCEP Zero Tariff Advantage Commodities List, and Guangxi The "Three Lists" of the "List of Tax-Reduced Commodities for Trade in Goods in Advantageous Industries" have made the RCEP policy dividends practical.

  Jiang Zhihuan said that in the next step, Nanning Customs will better help Guangxi enterprises to seize the opportunity of RCEP tax reduction after Myanmar takes effect by guiding enterprises to apply for visas and explaining preferential cases. "The content is transformed into a model of specific application scenarios, so that the policy dividends of RCEP can be realized, and new growth points of regional trade and investment can be cultivated and released.

  Since RCEP came into effect, Nanning Customs has issued nearly 500 RCEP certificates of origin, with a visa amount of nearly 300 million yuan.