Sculpture investors selling art and real estate to calf ownership are in vogue these days.

However, if the government decides to make a new regulation, it may close the door if it goes wrong.

Reporter Jeon Yeon-nam found out.


Music cow breaks the right to receive song copyrights and sells them to multiple people.

As it is a new investment method, we have been operating without regulation until now.

However, the financial authorities have established a new policy.

As investors can inflict a lot of damage like stock trading, they have issued a guideline to create various protections within the next six months.

[Sewoon Hwang/Senior Research Fellow, Capital Market Research Institute: (Financial authorities) present standards and principles.

It is up to the company to make a decision based on that.

If sales are made without complying with regulations, in the worst case, the company will have to completely abandon the business (it may happen)]

While the company is taking measures, investors should also consider whether it is a safe investment.

The most important thing to look at is whether you have direct ownership of the product.

There is a painting worth 100 million won, but the form of simply sharing the stake by several people is a kind of real transaction and is not subject to financial regulation.

However, when the price of the painting rises to 200 million, it is a different story if you only buy and sell the right to share the 100 million won that has risen.

Because if the company is in trouble, money and rights can disappear together.

These companies have to make a contract that specifies the details of their investment, and they have to entrust the investment money to an outsider.

In addition, the form of buying and selling such stocks only on one's own company's site is prohibited.

[Seo Ji-yong/Professor of Business Administration, Sangmyung University: (The sculpture investment company) gave clear guidelines on things like creating stocks, managing investment, and intervening in trading.

When the same business is conducted without monitoring by the financial authorities, the business itself can be quite risky, and it can result in consumer harm (maybe)]

A piece investment company that does not meet these conditions can be expelled after half a year, so carefully examine and invest You should.

(Video editing: Wonhee Won)