Another graduation season.

Students are about to step out of school and enter the society. The first question most graduates face is how to find a satisfactory house, open a new chapter in their life, and achieve their careers and dreams.

  On April 26, I Love My Home officially launched the “Graduation Rental Choose My Love My Home” activity, which provided graduates with rental discounts in various forms such as rental allowances and rental gift packages to help graduates settle down.

The event will last from April 26 to June 30, covering 23 domestic first- and second-tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing.

  In order to help new graduates settle down and take the "first step" out of school, Beijing, Hefei and other cities have successively launched policies such as the allocation of affordable rental housing and the issuance of rental subsidies.

I Love My Home also actively responds to the policy call, undertakes corporate social responsibility, and timely launches the "I Love My Home for Graduation Rental" activity to contribute to the strength of the enterprise for college graduates to live and work in peace.

  According to the person in charge of this event, during the graduation rental season, both new and old users of I Love My Home can participate in the activity of "Choose My Love for Graduation Rental". Just fill in the "Rental Intention Business Circle" online, and you can get the whole process of participation in the selection. Eligibility for rental allowance.

Activity discounts include 3-month rent waiver (up to 10,000 yuan), 1,000 yuan, 300 yuan, 100 yuan rental allowance, and lucky turntable to draw JD E-cards, cleaning coupons, laundry coupons, moving coupons and other rich gifts.

The rewards received by the participants can be used for renting houses through I Love My Home.

  In order to boost the momentum of the event and allow the rental discount to cover a wider group of graduates, I Love My Home also promotes the event in a way that fits the interests and social habits of young people.

During the event, in addition to the official website, APP and applet of I Love My Home, the event will be launched, and event information will also be released on Sina Weibo.

At the same time,'s I Love My Home Rental Flagship Store and My Love My Home Xiangyu Flagship Store will simultaneously launch the "Graduation Rental Choose My Love My Home" activity page, and users can directly draw rental allowances.

  In addition, I Love My Family also uses the online publicity and offline landing scenes of many college graduation song parties to send lottery benefits to graduates, helping graduates to rent their favorite houses at more favorable prices, which greatly reduces the number of graduates. Rigid expenses for first entry into the workplace.

Intimate prizes such as moving coupons, cleaning coupons, and laundry coupons can also bring convenience to graduates during the busy graduation season.

  Realizing the settlement of new citizens and young people not only meets their basic needs for taking root in the city, but also their deep-seated needs for a better life.

In recent years, I Love My Home has invested more than 1 billion funds in digital construction, providing convenience for young people to find a house by providing services such as mobile phone VR house viewing, accurate matching of house listings with big data, and online signing, with digital transformation and diversified products. Set up, let renters feel more convenient and efficient.

Time-saving, labor-saving, efficient and transparent, I Love My Home's digital tools allow products and services to more accurately match consumer needs, thereby improving transaction efficiency in an all-round way.

Through I Love My Home's high-quality services that integrate online and offline, young people can meet reasonable expectations at lower transaction costs and achieve a better life.

  In the process of making steady progress and coping with challenges, I Love My Home will continue to provide high-quality transaction services for new citizens and young people based on the advantages of its own digital real estate brokerage and the business advantages of its brands. 's settlement mission.