China News Service, Chongqing, April 27th: "Generation Z" loves "one-click pet raising", and intelligent pet raising is quietly heating up in China

  China News Agency reporter Liu Xianglin

  Automatic feeding at 12 o'clock, automatic cleaning of feces at 13 o'clock, automatic feeding at 18 o'clock and push a 20-second video to the mobile phone, automatic opening of the cage door at 19 o'clock... This is the work and rest time set by Chongqing white-collar Li Xiaoxiao on the APP for her pet.

After going to work in the morning, she entrusted the task of taking care of the pet dog to the smart device at home.

  "Every day I go out early and come back late, I'm already very tired after get off work, how can I still have enough energy to take care of it." Li Xiaoxiao, who has just entered the workplace, said that although these smart products cannot meet all the needs of pets, at least you don't have to worry about your home while working overtime. Whether the dog can eat on time.

  "Generation Z" generally refers to the population born between 1995 and 2009.

According to China's National Bureau of Statistics, "Generation Z" accounts for nearly one-fifth of China's total population.

"Generation Z" will be one of the main consumer groups in China in the next 10 years.

  "I have a smart water dispenser, a smart feeder, and a smart cat litter box. When I get home, I just care about the cat, and leave other things to the machine." Ren Meng, a "post-00" born in Chongqing, said, "Douding" is hers The first pet, although she liked small animals since she was a child, the tediousness of taking care of pets made her reluctant to take the step of raising them.

The emergence of pet smart devices has relieved her worries, and she is considering buying more devices to free her hands.

  The "2021 White Paper on China's Pet Industry" (Consumption Report) shows that in 2021, the number of cats and dogs in China's urban areas will exceed 110 million, and the number of pet owners will reach 68.44 million, of which 52.9% of pet owners have purchased pet smart products, a year-on-year increase. 9.8 percentage points.

It is worth noting that 46.3% of Chinese pet owners were born after 1990, and one in less than five pet owners is a "Generation Z".

Today, "sucking cats and dogs" has gradually become an indispensable part of the daily life of most "Gen Z" in China.

  Compared with the previous generation, "Generation Z" has a higher demand for pets and is more willing to try endless pet supplies.

According to data from the e-commerce platform, during the "6.18" shopping festival in 2021, the sales of pet smart products surged by more than 1,300% year-on-year.

Chen Chen, a researcher at Pinduoduo New Consumer Research Institute, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that intelligent pet products represented by automatic feeders and automatic water dispensers have become one of the hot-selling categories on e-commerce platforms in the past two years.

After the launch of Pinduoduo's "black technology" pet-raising equipment, it is especially popular among "post-95" consumers.

  Smart collars that can be set up with electronic fences, cat litter boxes that can monitor pet health data, companion robots that can be tracked and monitored, and smart pet dens that can maintain a constant temperature... Smart pet products have sprung up on e-commerce platforms, connecting Multiple segments such as pet diet, health and emotional management.

"Gen Z" "shit shoveling officers" have advanced to the era of "digital pet raising" with these products.

  Chen Litai, a professor at the School of Public Administration of Chongqing University, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that "Generation Z" has just entered the society and is economically independent. Although they are not rich, they are willing to spend money on hobbies.

Pet smart technology products meet the multiple needs of "Generation Z" such as innovation and convenience.

With the completion of user habit training, some smart products are becoming the "just need" of "Gen Z" pet owners, and are recognized by mainstream pet owners.

Driven by new pet raising concepts such as healthy pet raising, exquisite pet raising, anthropomorphic pet raising, and scientific pet raising, the market will provide more intelligent pet products.