Zhongxin Finance, April 25. According to the China government website, the General Office of the State Council issued an opinion on the further release of consumption potential and the continuous recovery of consumption on the 25th, proposing to vigorously develop green consumption.

Enhance the national awareness of saving, oppose extravagance, waste and excessive consumption, and form a simple, moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle and consumption model.

  Promote green organic food and agricultural products.

Advocate green travel, increase the proportion of urban bus, tram and rail transit travel, and promote the electrification of public service vehicles.

Promote the large-scale development of green buildings, vigorously develop prefabricated buildings, actively promote green building materials, and speed up building energy-saving renovations.

Support the accelerated development of new energy vehicles.

Vigorously develop green home decoration, and encourage consumers to replace or buy new green energy-saving home appliances, environmentally friendly furniture and other home products.

  Accelerate the construction of a waste material recycling system, promote the recycling of automobiles, home appliances, furniture, batteries, electronic products, etc., and appropriately relax the restrictions on the entry of waste material recycling vehicles into cities and communities.

Promote the greening, reduction and recycling of commodity packaging and distribution links.

Carry out pilot projects to promote green consumption.

Widely carry out activities to create energy-saving institutions, green families, green communities, and green travel.