"Cancel house recognition and loan subscription", "encourage the elderly to buy houses with relatives", "reduce housing loan interest rates"... On March 1 this year, Zhengzhou took the lead in introducing a new relaxed policy, which marked the first official release of the property market policy. One shot.

  According to the monitoring data of Zhuge Housing Data Research Center, under the continuous efforts of the policy side, Zhengzhou has shown obvious signs of recovery in March. The transaction volume of second-hand houses in the first quarter was higher than that of the same period last year, and the recovery rate of transactions in March was faster than that of new houses. .

Second-hand residential transactions in March increased by 50% month-on-month, but still fell year-on-year

  Specifically, judging from the transaction performance of second-hand housing in Zhengzhou in March, the transaction scale in March increased by more than 1,000 units compared with February, but it was still lower than the same period last year.

According to the monitoring data of Zhuge Housing Data Research Center, the number of second-hand residential transactions in Zhengzhou in March 2022 was 3,627, an increase of 55.53% from February and a decrease of 11.62% from the same period last year.

  Judging from the average price of the second-hand housing market in Zhengzhou, the average price of the second-hand housing market in Zhengzhou in March was 14,093 yuan / square meter, a slight increase of 0.16% month-on-month, a year-on-year decrease of 2.62%, and a decrease of 1.08 percentage points from the previous month.

  Zhuge Housing Data Research Center predicts that, with the further improvement of market confidence, the average price of Zhengzhou's second-hand housing market is likely to continue to rise steadily.

  According to a local real estate agent in Zhengzhou, after the introduction of the new policy, the market has been relatively stable.

At present, there is no significant fluctuation in prices, but the pace of homebuyers entering the market has accelerated.

  The broker said that a second-hand house it handled originated from the transaction after the introduction of the New Deal.

The house originated from the listing last year. Due to the older age and the top floor, and the fact that the landlord had not sold it in good faith, the listing has not been sold.

After the introduction of the new policy this year, some customers have an interest in the house, and the landlord finally reduced the price by 20,000 yuan to sell it.

  According to the above-mentioned brokers, "Although there are houses sold at reduced prices and customers temporarily jump in prices, the overall situation is relatively stable. It is difficult to say the real response of the new policy to the market. In general, the current Zhengzhou market second-hand housing market The overall performance is better than that of first-hand houses. It mainly depends on the needs of customers. If customers who have a tight down payment will choose more new houses, because some properties have some activities for down payment; if customers value the surrounding facilities and location, It will be more inclined to the next new community.”

  "One of the reasons why there are more people viewing second-hand houses is the adjustment of taxes and fees for second-hand house transactions." said a broker from Zhengzhou Lianjia.

It is reported that some areas of Zhengzhou implement new policies, namely Zhengdong New District, Economic Development Zone, and Airport Area, that is, individuals who transfer their houses and cannot provide the complete original value of the house and relevant reasonable expenses certificates, and levy personal income tax at 1% of the tax value ; If an individual transfers a house and can provide proof of the original value of the house and relevant reasonable expenses, the tax bureau will collect personal income tax at the difference of 20%; whether it can provide the original value bill, it is up to the owner to choose and make a commitment, first choose the tax rate and then go through the formalities.

  Ding Zan, director of the Zhengzhou Shell Research Institute, pointed out that starting from January 1, 2015 in Zhengzhou, households that are not the only residence with five or more full members will need to pay the difference tax when trading.

For example, if a house purchased for 1 million yuan is sold for 1.5 million yuan, it will need to pay the difference tax of (150-100)×20%=100,000 yuan. It is also because of the high difference tax that the second-hand housing market in Zhengzhou has been active. It is not high. In order to avoid the difference tax, some owners transfer this part of the tax to the buyers in disguised form, which increases the cost of purchasing a house for customers, which leads to a decline in second-hand housing transactions and the market is further cold.

After the adjustment of the policy, the transaction cost can be directly reduced for the owners, and the owner's motivation to sell small to buy large, to sell old to buy new, promote the improvement of the activity of the second-hand housing market; for buyers, the cost of buying a house will also be greatly increased. reduce.

  In addition to the adjustment of taxes and fees for second-hand housing transactions, Zhengzhou's loan interest rates have also been lowered.

According to a local real estate agent in Zhengzhou, the mortgage interest rate in Zhengzhou was previously maintained at around 6.37%. At present, the mortgage interest rate for the first home has dropped to 4.9%.

  Taking 1 million yuan as an example, according to the 30-year loan of equal principal and interest, and according to the original interest rate of 6.37%, the monthly repayment of 6,235 yuan is required, and the total repayment is 2,244,800 yuan; if the current interest rate is 4.9%. To calculate, the monthly repayment is 5307 yuan, and the total repayment is 1.91 million yuan.

  "For home buyers, although the monthly payment differs by about 1,000 yuan from the previous one, it does significantly reduce the pressure on home purchases, and some families who just need it will consider entering the market. In addition, for some improving customers, according to the new policy, pay off the loan The repurchase of a house loan is carried out according to the first house." said the real estate agent mentioned above.

  According to the research report of CRIC, the number of second-hand housing in Zhengzhou in March reached more than 50,000 groups, an increase of 140% compared with February.

The sales rate of new houses has rebounded, and some projects have announced price increases

  According to the monitoring data of Zhuge Housing Data Research Center, in March, the transaction scale of new houses in Zhengzhou rebounded, but it still fell by more than 50% compared with the same period last year.

According to the data, 3,852 new houses were sold in Zhengzhou in March, an increase of 47.47% month-on-month and a year-on-year decrease of 52.21%.

  Zhuge Housing Research Center believes that after the New Deal, Zhengzhou's March new housing transactions have rebounded, but there is still room for further improvement.

It is expected that in the future, with the improvement of the epidemic environment and the continuous fermentation of the policy side, the "3-to-1" sales restriction will be exerted, and the market recovery can be expected, and the transaction scale of new houses is expected to further rebound.

  Judging from the price trend of new houses in Zhengzhou, the price of new houses in Zhengzhou is prone to fluctuations, but the overall trend basically shows an upward trend. Since March 2021, the price trend of new houses in Zhengzhou has gradually stabilized.

Monitoring data show that in March this year, the average transaction price of new houses in Zhengzhou was 14,052 yuan/square meter, down 4.58% from the previous month, and the decline narrowed by 1.83 percentage points; it fell by 10.59% year-on-year, and the decline narrowed by 1.33 percentage points.

  However, according to Henan Traffic Broadcasting, according to incomplete statistics, after the introduction of the New Deal, more than 10 real estate projects in Zhengzhou have announced price increases, ranging from 1% to 3%, ranging from 200 to 500 yuan per square meter. There are also real estate price increases in disguised form in the form of cancellation of discounts, discounts, etc.

According to data released by the housing management department, a total of 4,311 housing units were approved in Zhengzhou in March, and 8 projects were launched.

With the gradual implementation of measures such as the cancellation of "recognizing a house and a loan" and the reduction of mortgage interest rates, the number of visits and transactions of many real estate properties has increased significantly.

  "In fact, the changes before and after the New Deal are not very big, unless it is some high-end projects, but the price increase is also controlled within a few hundred yuan, and most projects still maintain the original marketing activities. It is indeed a little more than last year, but last year was special and was affected by the epidemic and heavy rain. The most visited properties are those with better quality and location, and some new houses in the outer suburbs are still a little difficult." an agent said.

  According to the research report data released by the Crier Research Center, in March this year, the average sale rate of new houses in Zhengzhou was 17%, the highest sale rate for a single project was 34%, and the lowest sale rate for a single project was 3%. Pick up in February 2022.

  The research report of Kerui pointed out that Zhengzhou has entered a period of active restoration under the guidance of policies. The number of visits and sales flow of new housing market projects have steadily increased. In March, the monthly average number of visits and monthly average flow rates of a single project reached 325 groups and 20 groups respectively. Sets, more than double the low point in January.

A number of policies were introduced within two months to boost the property market

  On March 1 this year, the General Office of the Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government issued the "Notice on Promoting the Virtuous Cycle and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Industry", which fired the first shot of the official official loosening of the property market policy.

The "Notice" proposes 18 measures to promote the virtuous circle and healthy development of Zhengzhou's real estate industry from five aspects: supporting reasonable housing demand, improving housing market supply, increasing credit financing support, promoting resettlement housing construction and transformation, and optimizing the real estate market environment. .

  Among them, the policy mentioned that in order to meet the needs of home care for the elderly, if their children and close relatives work and live in Zheng, the elderly are encouraged to come to Zheng for the elderly, and they are allowed to buy a new house for their family.

At the same time, guide financial institutions in Zheng to increase the provision of personal housing mortgage loans and reduce housing loan interest rates.

For families who own a house and have paid off the corresponding house purchase loan, in order to improve their living conditions and apply for a loan to purchase ordinary commercial housing again, banking financial institutions implement the first-home loan policy.

  Subsequently, Zhengzhou introduced a number of policies to promote the healthy development of the real estate market.

  On March 1, the Henan Real Estate Association issued a notice on the statistical reporting of the financing needs of development enterprises (projects), through the tripartite cooperation between the government, banks and enterprises, strengthening the financing guarantee for key areas, key enterprises and major projects, and planning to carry out special banking in the real estate field. Enterprise docking, according to the requirements of the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development, statistics the financing needs of development enterprises (projects), and require enterprises (projects) with financing needs to fill in the enterprise financing needs statistical table, and report it to the Henan Provincial Housing Association Secretariat, and unified after summarizing Report to the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development.

The enterprise (project) carefully fills in the enterprise financing demand statistical table, including the enterprise (project) name, main construction content, current project progress, total investment, total financing demand, financing demand in 2022 and other information.

  On March 8, the General Office of the Zhengzhou Municipal Government issued the "Implementation Opinions on Actively Promoting the Monetary Resettlement of the Large Shanty Town Reconstruction Project". , reduce the transitional resettlement costs, intensify the construction land, digest the stock housing, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the real estate market.

It is required to concentrate on the use of three years to vigorously promote monetized resettlement to ensure that the resettlement of the masses will be completed in 2024.

  Recently, Zhengzhou held another meeting to release policy warmth.

  On April 12, Zhengzhou City held another April Financial Institution Symposium to increase credit support for key areas such as manufacturing, real estate, infrastructure, inclusive finance, and organic renewal.

To strengthen work coordination, relevant departments directly under the municipality must continuously improve the mechanism for releasing corporate financing needs, establish a database of corporate (project) financing needs, and update and release them to financial institutions in a timely manner.

  On April 15th, at the press conference of Zhengzhou Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Action, He Xiong, Deputy Secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor, introduced 10 "New Deals for Young Talents", which mentioned that Zhengzhou will continue to implement the policy of subsidies for young talents, and 3 Full-time doctoral students, postgraduates under 35 years old, undergraduate graduates and preparatory technicians (technicians) from technical colleges and universities who come to work in Zhengzhou within the year (within 6 years after graduation from overseas students) will be charged 54,000 yuan and 36,000 yuan per person respectively. , 18,000 yuan of living allowances.

In addition, living allowances and resettlement allowances (100,000 to 150,000 yuan per person per year during the station period) will be given to postdoctoral fellows who are engaged in postdoctoral research in Zhengzhou postdoctoral stations and postdoctoral fellows who have been introduced by Zhengzhou enterprises or have left the station to stay in enterprises. , the funding period is 2 years).

200,000 to 300,000 yuan will be given to post-doctoral fellows who have been brought in by enterprises in Zhengzhou or who have left the station to work in enterprises.