Recently, Wen Bin, chief researcher of China Minsheng Bank, was a guest in the "New Observation of China's Economy" column of Zhongxin Finance and Economics.

Wen Bin said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the RMB has maintained appreciation or stability against the US dollar, which largely depends on the stability of the balance of payments surplus.

Since 2022, the US dollar index has appreciated by more than 5%, the renminbi has remained stable against the US dollar, and the renminbi basket exchange rate index has appreciated by more than 2%, which shows that the renminbi is a relatively strong currency.

In the second quarter, China's external exports are still under considerable pressure. In the future, the RMB may depreciate against the US dollar, but it will generally fluctuate at a reasonable and balanced level in both directions.

  Wen Bin suggested that for import and export foreign trade enterprises, they should not bet on the rise and fall of the value of the RMB, and should do a good job in exchange rate risk management to ensure the normal production and operation of the enterprise.

(Reporter Shan Lu)

Responsible editor: [Ji Xiang]