(Reporter Li Zhengwei) In order to better support the development of the digital economy, the construction of digital information infrastructure represented by 5G, gigabit optical networks, and data centers has been significantly accelerated.

At the press conference of the State Council Information Office on April 19, Zhao Zhiguo, spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Information and Communications Administration, introduced that digital information infrastructure is the "base" of the digital economy.

From the perspective of three dimensions, the coverage is wider, and the scope of 5G network coverage continues to expand. In the first quarter, the number of new 5G base stations reached 134,000, and a total of nearly 1.56 million 5G base stations were opened. On the basis of comprehensive coverage, the fiber access capability of 320 million households has been upgraded to gigabit; the capability is stronger, and the scale of computing power continues to grow. The total number of data center racks in use exceeds 5 million.

  The service level of digital information infrastructure has also been continuously improved, and a 5G integrated comprehensive service system has been established, with more abundant service functions and more diverse service types.

Zhao Zhiguo introduced that in the first quarter, the number of new 5G mobile phone users reached 48.11 million, and the total number reached 403 million, accounting for 24.3% of the total number of mobile phone users; the number of newly developed gigabit and above users reached 11.41 million. , the scale has reached 45.96 million.

  Zhao Zhiguo also mentioned that my country is vigorously cultivating 5G, gigabit optical network "dual gigabit" network integration applications, and the cumulative number of application innovation cases has reached 23,000; for industrial, smart city and other application fields, the first batch of New data centers in 44 countries.

  In the next step, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will strengthen overall planning and coordinated layout, use construction to lead, and use to promote construction, continue to promote the construction of digital infrastructure, and help open up the information "artery" of economic and social development.

Accelerate infrastructure construction, guide the expansion of effective investment, advance the construction of 5G and gigabit optical networks in a steady and orderly manner, and deepen network co-construction and sharing; continue to improve the depth and breadth of network coverage, and promote the completion of the construction of 600,000 5G base stations throughout the year. The coverage capacity of the gigabit optical network exceeds 400 million households; it promotes the construction of the national hub node data center cluster project, continuously optimizes the layout of the data center, and accelerates the evolution to high technology, high computing power and high performance.

  In addition, continuously improve the level of integration and application, and strengthen the ability to lead development.

For example, to implement the "Ten Hundred Thousands" project for 5G industry applications, select 10 vertical industries, form 100 benchmarks for each industry, and build 1,000 5G industry virtual private networks.