China News Service, Beijing, April 21 (Reporter Du Yan) Beijing has put forward basic requirements for the overall planning, supporting facilities, individual design, interior decoration, etc. of affordable rental housing (referred to as "guaranteed rental housing"). Small units with an area of ​​no more than 70 square meters are mainly used, and new needs such as family intergenerational and multi-children, suitable for the elderly, etc. are fully considered.

At the same time, apartment-type rental housing was proposed for the first time, and it was specified that the per capita use area should not be less than 5 square meters, providing more room for renting choices for new citizens, young people and other groups.

  Today, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development stated that it and the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Regulation issued the "Guidelines for the Construction of Affordable Rental Housing in Beijing (Trial)" (referred to as the "Guidelines"). ") of the overall planning, supporting facilities, monomer design, interior decoration, etc. put forward basic requirements, strive to strengthen technical service guidance, and encourage development and construction units to improve construction quality according to actual needs on this basis.

  The "Guidelines" are applicable to the newly-built and renovated affordable housing projects that have been included in the construction plan of affordable housing in Beijing and have not yet been planned and designed before the release date of the "Guidelines".

The first proposal of apartment-type rental housing

  The "Guidelines" divide the leased houses into residential types for family rental, dormitory types that are centrally managed and rented by single employees such as enterprises and institutions, and dormitory types that are centrally managed and operated and rented by various types of talents in Beijing, independent or It is an apartment type for semi-independent living, and has formulated different standards for these three types of rental housing in terms of supporting facilities, suite area, room configuration, and parking space ratio.

  Among them, apartment-type rental housing is based on the classification of residential-type and dormitory-type rental housing in the “Notice on the Applicable Standards for Centralized Rental Housing Construction” (Jianbanbiao [2021] No. 19) issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The added type of rental housing that conforms to the characteristics of Beijing and has been constructed and operated in large quantities.

The guidelines put forward and clarified its definition and building types for the first time, with distinctive Beijing characteristics, and also provide more options for renting for new citizens, young people and other groups.

  The "Guidelines" require that the leased houses are mainly small units with a construction area of ​​no more than 70 square meters, and fully consider the new needs of families, such as intergenerational, multiple children, and suitability for the elderly.

The residential type vigorously advocates the refined design of the multi-bedroom; the per capita use area of ​​the dormitory type shall not be less than 4 square meters; the apartment type is suitable for 1 to 2 people in principle, and the per capita use area shall not be less than 5 square meters.

For the first time, the requirements for the configuration of non-motor vehicle parking spaces have been clarified

  The "Guidelines" focus on and comprehensively answer difficult issues such as sunshine implementation standards, supporting facilities, and parking that are concerned and reflected by the masses and enterprises.

  Regarding the parking space indicators for motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles, especially for the actual demand characteristics and construction reality of the rented dormitory type and apartment type rental housing population, the "Guidelines" clarifies the lower limit of the allocation index.

For dormitory-type and apartment-type rental housing for which there is currently no non-motor vehicle parking index, it is proposed to configure the building or building group as a unit and give the minimum configuration requirements: among them, dormitory-type rental housing is based on 40 vehicles/1000 square meters, apartment-type rental housing The housing is built according to 20 cars/1000 square meters.

  The "Guidelines" propose that the project should combine the actual facilities in the surrounding areas and the needs of different tenants, and take into account the adaptability of the whole life cycle, to build a vibrant community that integrates industry, residence and services.

Advocate rental housing to create a dynamic communication space with appropriate scale and rich functions to meet the needs of different tenants. A certain area of ​​outdoor sports venues can be set up in residential areas to increase the setting of communication spaces, and outdoor drying venues can be set up according to local conditions to improve the space utilization rate.

  Due to the small area of ​​rented houses, especially dormitory and apartment-type suites, it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of "small home for everyone", and many functions need to be realized by public areas and auxiliary rooms.

Therefore, the "Guidelines" require dormitory and apartment types to set up a living room with an area of ​​no less than 12 square meters at the main entrance and exit, and set up smart express boxes near the main entrance and exit, and can configure a public laundry room and public activity space, which is convenient for tenants to live in. , to enhance the living experience of tenants.

For rooms without toilets in the suite, public toilets and toilets shall be provided, and the number of sanitary facilities shall be determined according to the approved number of persons on each floor.

Intelligent technology creates intelligent community

  The design of the leased house should meet the requirements of intelligent technology management and service, and advocate the application of intelligent technology to build a smart community.

  The project design should fully consider the characteristics of the needs of the elderly, and promote the use of intelligent products suitable for the elderly; the apartment type should be equipped with intelligent door locks; in order to facilitate the living of tenants, vigorously promote the intelligent adjustment of indoor water, electricity, gas and heat, and advocate remote meter reading. , smart payment and other convenient technologies.

  At the same time, the rental housing should strengthen the construction of intelligent fire protection such as the Internet of Things for fire protection, design and construction in synchronization with other intelligent constructions, make full use of information technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data, and implement dynamic supervision.

  The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said that they will implement the various standards of the "Guidelines" through the program review mechanism, strictly control the quality of subsidized housing, and improve the construction level of affordable housing in Beijing.